Trophy Hunters Killed One Animal Every Three Minutes In Last Decade

Trophy hunters who kill animals for sport have taken one animal life every three minutes over the past 10 years, according to a new book.

The gruesome practice has led to the death of over 1.7 million animals since 2010, including lions, rhinos, and elephants.

The book Trophy Leaks: Top Hunters and Industry Secrets, says that a recent craze called  Hogpocalypse Now is now at the center of the bloody industry.

Hogpocalypse killings give the hunters an opportunity to shoot at groups of wild hogs from the air. 

The heartless practice is named after a scene from Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now (1979) where an American soldier opens fire on defenseless Vietnamese people from a helicopter.

Image: Daily Mail

The website for a Hogpocalypse experience in the state of Texas reads:

“There’s nothing like buzzing over droves of hogs while cutting loose with your itchy trigger finger.”

Author Eduardo Goncalves also suggests that hunters ran a disinformation campaign on social media ahead of the UK government’s ban on trophy imports in which £600,000 were poured into Facebook and Twitter posing as Africans in opposition to the new laws.

Goncalves’s fight against trophy hunting has gained support from celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Joanna Lumley.

He told the Daily Mail:

“Future generations will look back aghast at how we allowed the world’s most endangered species to be gunned down in their droves by adrenaline junkies in pursuit of grinning selfies and gruesome souvenirs.

“Trophy-hunting isn’t about a handful of sick individuals – it is about a huge global industry which wields extraordinary power and manipulates governments.”


Hogpocalypse Now in practice

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