Travis Scott is being sued for $750M after Astroworld tragedy that killed 10 people and injured hundreds

Fans are suing rapper Travis Scott for $750 million following the Astroworld tragedy

  • At least 125 fans have filed lawsuits against Travis Scott and Astroworld Festival’s organizers following the tragedy that killed 10 and injured hundreds. 
  • Houston Attorney Tony Buzbee has accused the rapper of “gross negligence,” claiming he was the one who incited the crowd surge.
  • The youngest victim of the Astroworld chaos was 9-year-old Ezra, who suffered severe injuries and died after six days of being on life support. 

Houston Attorney Tony Buzbee, who had previously been representing over 35 victims from the Astroworld Festival, filed a lawsuit against Travis Scott and the event’s organizers. The claim accuses them of “gross negligence” as ten people lost their lives and hundreds were injured during a crowd surge amid the November 5 concert.

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As reported by Daily Mail, the suit also names Live Nation, Epic Records, Drake, and Apple as defendants for their involvement in organizing the festival. The lawyer is said to be planning to file another lawsuit with 100 more plaintiffs in the coming days.

Buzbee stated:

“No amount of money will ever make these Plaintiffs whole; no amount of money can restore human life. But, the damages sought in this case attempts to fix, help, or make up for the harms and losses suffered by these Plaintiffs — nothing more and nothing less.”

Meanwhile, W Magazine is desperately trying to pull its upcoming Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner cover after the Astroworld disaster. 

Credits: Film Magic

A source told Page Six:

“W editors have cleared any planned coverage of Travis and Kylie from their website, but the magazine was already printed, and now they are trying to stop the delivery trucks.

In the light of what happened at Astroworld, the interview and cover lines seem inappropriate, to say the least.”

Moreover, the famous athletic apparel brand Nike announced they would postpone their sneaker release with the rapper. Their decision came after a 9-year-old boy named Ezra became the latest fatality in the brutal crowd surge.

Credits: Wire Feeds

According to ABC 13, Ezra was a big fan of Travis Scott. He was at the concert with his father, Treston Blount.

The child was severely injured during the Astroworld chaos. He suffered damage to his brain, kidney, and liver after being “kicked, stepped on, and trampled, and nearly crushed to death.”

Tragically, after six days of being on life support, the 9-year-old boy has died. His passing increased the death toll from the crowd surge to ten people, aged 9 to 27.

The Blount family is now seeking at least $1 million in damages. Ben Crump, their attorney, stated:

“The Blount family tonight is grieving the incomprehensible loss of their precious young son. This should not have been the outcome of taking their son to a concert, what should have been a joyful celebration. Ezra’s death is absolutely heartbreaking.”

Houston Attorney Buzbee claims it was Travis Scott who incited the crowd rage as he has a history of praising violence at his concerts. 

The lawyer also accuses the rapper and the event’s organizers of failing to employ protective measures in place to ensure the safety of the fans.

Buzbee is also representing the family of one of the victims – Axel Acosta, 21, of Washington, who died at the concert. The attorney explained:

“Axel was crushed by the incited, unruly and out-of-control crowd with such force that he could no longer breath; with such force that the air in his lungs was literally slowly squeezed out of him, sending his heart into cardiac arrest.

When Axel collapsed, he was trampled by those fighting to prevent themselves from being crushed. As he lay there under a mass of humanity, dying, the music played and streamed on—for almost forty minutes.”

Credits: KTRK

Following the tragedy, Live Nation, the organizers of the Astroworld Festival, said in a statement:

“We continue to support and assist local authorities in their ongoing investigation so that both the fans who attended and their families can get the answers they want and deserve, and we will address all legal matters at the appropriate time.”

Authorities are currently investigating what caused the brutality among Travis Scott’s crowd of 50,000 fans. 

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said:

“We’ve been looking and the timelines have moved and that’s why we shouldn’t jump ahead of things, let’s just wait. That’s part of the investigation.”

In the meantime, TMZ revealed shocking footage from the concert. It showed Houston Police Department cops casually walking around and even pulling their phones to record Scott’s performance 19 minutes after the Fire Chief declared a “mass casualty event” at 9:38 pm.

Credits: TMZ

When asked why the show continued even after the crowd disturbance was detected, the chief noted that whether or not the show should continue was not up to the police. He added:

“Authorities ability to end the show – we don’t hold the plug, okay? But it’s always in a plan, there’s always discussion of how that would happen and we had those discussions with the promoters. The ultimate authority to end the show is with production and the entertainer.”

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