After travelling 2,400km to surprise his girlfriend, this poor man catches her cheating

  • On posts shared on both Twitter and Weibo, the man is seen wearing a teddy bear suit in order to surprise his girlfriend for her birthday.
  • However, to his deep disappointment (and that of social media users), he sees her cheating with another man.
  • The exact location of the incident, nor the names of the people involved are disclosed, however, it is known that the situation transpired in China.

Maintaining a healthy, long-distance relationship is a hard task to achieve for most couples nowadays. Getting cheated on is by far the worst way to awaken from the dream and realize the relationship is apparently not working out, to say the least.

As mentioned above, a post shared on the social media platforms of Twitter and Weibo display a man in a bear suit spotting his girlfriend on the street holding hands with someone else.

Source: Twitter

It is said that the man, whose name is unknown, had traveled the impressive 2,400km in order to lovingly surprise his girlfriend for her birthday. It appears that him wearing a teddy bear suit was an intended sweet and special gesture (which sadly went horribly wrong).

Source: Twitter

Photos show clearly the woman being in the hands of the other man while her boyfriend is standing there speechless, trying to make sense of the situation. As she felt the stare on her, she immediately recognized her ‘boyfriend’ who then takes off the teddy bear head costume and starts walking away from them.

Source: Twitter

After taking his first steps away, his girlfriend then chases him down and gives him a hug. However, by his body language, it is apparent that he (rightfully so) has given up on the relationship. In order to hide his emotions, he again quickly puts on his bear mask.

Source: Twitter

This highly unpleasant situation has gathered a lot of attention, as well as sympathy from Chinese social media users.

A video of the situation is also available below.

So, what do you think of this incredibly sad event? Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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