Traumatized woman found locked up in a cupboard by abusive boyfriend who kept her as his slave

Neath, South Wales: An abuser who tortured his girlfriend has been put behind bars for a large number of crimes against her. 

Shane Bowen started to treat his girlfriend like a slave about six months after their relationship started, often becoming extremely violent.

Prosecutor Ian Wright told Swansea Crown Court the man would assault his girlfriend on a regular basis, hitting her and constantly accusing her of being unfaithful to him.

At one point authorities found her locked up in a cupboard at a house in Neath, South Wales, where the couple lived. 

Another time he flipped out when she ordered from the wrong Chinese takeaway, throwing plates of food around before slamming her head against the wall and forcing her to clean up the mess.

On that occasion, he told her “I don’t f***ing like any other Chinese except New Garden” and forced her to drive them both to Briton Ferry to get food from the restaurant he wanted.

Bowen would not let his girlfriend have her own phone, took all her benefit money at the start of every month, and made her beg for handouts. In addition, he tried to control her friends, insisted they ate the same things and controlled birth control access.

However, when witnesses got in touch with authorities in order to get her out of the mess, the victim refused to be helped. 

Earlier this yea Bowen was imprisoned for 3 months for attacking his girlfriend at a bar in Pontardawe. When he was freed he went right to her house infuriated and accused her of cheating on him.

The man was put behind bars again during the summer for breaching a court order and after his latest appearance, he has been jailed for another 2 years.

Bowen is also barred from seeing his ex for 5 years.

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