Watch the touching moment a colorblind child sees color for the first time

A colorblind boy from Minnesota experienced the most beautiful day of his life thanks to a pair of special glasses. 

12-year-old Jonathan Jones cried tears of joy after getting a chance to wear the unique eyewear, which allows a person to see in full color.

The schoolboy and his co-students at Lakeview High School were being taught about colorblindness when principal Scott Hanson, who also suffers from severe colorblindness, let Jonathan try out his special glasses. Jones’ brother recorded the heartwarming video.

“They’re all yours, let’s see what it does,” Hanson told the boy, giving him the glasses.

Image credit: GoFundMe

Jones takes off his normal glasses to put on the special pair, which looks like sunglasses an iridescent sheen, the clip shows.

He is instantly surprised, as the class applauds and laughs. Moments later, the stunned boy bursts into tears.

Hanson then gives him a hug.

“I’m so happy for you … that is so awesome. I told you it’s going to be a little emotional,” Hanson said.

Carole Walter Jones, the mother of the boy, was also present for the magical moment and hugged her son before he walked around the classroom, taking in the different colorful decorations.

“Hey Jon if you can laugh and cry in the same day … that is the greatest day ever,” Hanson said. “Why don’t you keep those for a little while. You can take them home with you today and just wear them around, and I want you to experience as much as you can and maybe your parents will buy you a pair.”

The touching video quickly went viral after Jones’ brother, Ben, shared it on Twitter, together with a link to a GoFundMe page asking for $350 to get the boy his own pair of special eyeglasses.

The post received positive responses from all around the world.

“Growing up Red/Green blind and blue/yellow deficient…. lemme tell you, seeing something like this gives me hope that there are really great people out there!!” @HavokS085 tweeted.

The Tweet received around 140,000 likes since its posting and the GoFundMe has raised more than $32,000.

The Jones family promised to donate the remaining funds to “a foundation who purchases colorblind glasses for those who can’t afford them.”

See the heartwarming video below.

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