Touching moment as rescue pup rings bell to tell owners she wants to play with family of bears

A rescue pup trained to ring a bell whenever she wants to go out was captured altering her owners she wants to go play with a family of bears. 

Credits: Tiffany Noel Kress / Instagram

When Daisy, a seven-month-old rescue pup, was caught ringing the small doorbell to tell her owners, Tiffany and Kevin Kress, she wants to go play with the bears, they couldn’t believe it, so they filmed the precious moment. Apparently, their four-legged friend wanted to join the bear family – a momma bear and two adorable cubs, and play with them in the backyard pool in Sierra Madre, California.

Tiffany posted the video of her beloved pupper ringing the bell multiple times to alert her and her husband she wants to go play last month. In the heartwarming clip, Daisy’s owner can be heard saying:

“So, we bell trained our dog. But I don’t think she can go out right now.”

Speaking to Daily Mail, Tiffany confirmed Daisy was ringing the bell so they would let her go out and play with the wild animals. She said:

“She actually wasn’t warning us because we saw them coming and grabbed her and went inside. Kevin bell trained her to let us know when she needs to use the bathroom, but she rings it all day whenever she wants to go out and play.”

Further in the video, Daisy can be heard continuously ringing the bell, desperately trying to convince her owners to let her out.

Meanwhile, the bear family is having a blissful time bathing and playing in the pool.

Once the play is over, the momma bear hefts herself up from the pool, as gracefully as a bear can perform such a move. Tiffany can then be heard exclaiming: “She’s so beautiful!”

Credits: Tiffany Noel Kress / Instagram

Daisy’s owner shares bears often visit her property since the September 2020 Bobcat Fire.

In an Instagram post, Kress explains:

“We see these bears almost every day and often multiple times a day behind our house. But they finally decided to come over the wall and drop in for a dip in the pool! Our dog Daisy really wanted to go meet the new friends.”

She told the news outlet:

“We were actually all outside (Daisy, my husband and I) when the bears began to approach. I just knew [that day] was the day they were going to come into the yard and pool. They came back a few more times to swim in the following weeks, but they’ve been playing in other parts of our town lately.”

Last October, Tiffany captured another video of bears exploring her backyard. 

The footage shows two curious bears wandering around the property, with one of them trying to see what’s inside Krass’s home. She then asks: “Can I help you?” 

In an interview with ABC 7, Tiffany said:

“This was the first time I’ve seen them in the yard and that close to my door/on my door. I was sitting on the couch when it happened, working, and I look up and I saw the teenage bear walking past the door. It comes over to the other door, which was cracked open, so I just ran over — and my adrenaline’s pumping — I shut it, lock it really quick and scared that one away. That’s when the baby jumped up on the window. Really obviously wanted to come inside.”

The California couple adopted Daisy this April at a puppy lottery. According to Tiffany, she “loves people(all people), eating food(like her parents), biting anything and everything(but she’s working on it), and all the snuggles!” 

Credits: Tiffany Noel Kress / Instagram

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