To women out there who grew up without a father

Growing up without a father can be difficult and painful for a woman’s life.

But do not despair, you have the strength to get through any hardship life throws at you.

Every difficulty you face you can surmount and conquer because you know you can succeed in anything as long as you keep on believing in yourself.

Do not blame yourself for your father’s absence.

You did nothing wrong. No matter why he left, you cannot be blamed. You are a loved and wanted woman who deserves a great life.

Do not let your past turn you into a bitter and angry person. While his absence may have affected you in more than one way, you cannot afford to let go of the purity of your loving heart. You need to understand that you are worthy of real love. You matter. And you have more strength in you than you may think.

Do not try to hide your pain. You need to be honest with yourself, no matter how much it hurts. You can cry, scream, or do anything you need to do that will help you heal but do not make yourself numb to your wounds. Forgive your father for all he did and let it all go. Turn the pain in your heart into art. Let it inspire you and make you a more compassionate person, but do not allow it to define who you are.

Because you are brave and powerful

No matter what you do, never compare yourself to others. Your friends may have grown up in wonderful families with their dads always being there for them and this might leave you thinking of why you couldn’t have the same life. You might even start thinking of whether something is wrong with you. Do not go down that path! Do not dim the light in you.

Don’t forget – no one but you can determine your worth. You are beautiful and unique. Do not waste precious time searching for answers that may never come to you. 

Do not be afraid to love and open your heart to people. Because being raised without a dad can make a woman feel as she has to protect her heart from future pain. But not every man is your dad and will abandon you. There are honest and loving people out there who have been looking for someone like you all their life.

Do not close your door to them.

Love unconditionally the person who loves you unconditionally.

Because you are deserving of all the love life has to offer.

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