3 Effortless Tips On How To Achieve Lifelong Success

“There are two things in life: results and crappy excuses for not achieving results.”

These were the very raw, but true words spoken by renowned speaker and motivator John Addison; on the topic of how to truly succeed in life. You see, we live in a society which is seemingly okay with, and thrives off “good excuses”- this is one of the main reasons most talented people don’t achieve their full potential in life.

The only way to achieve and live the dreams we dream about is to get up and act on them. Take the steps needed to get there and work at it every day.

Studies have shown that our daily habits and attitude can determine our ability to achieve or fail, and that is why adopting a successful attitude in our everyday life will bring us one step closer to success.

Excuses only amplify our inability to achieve the goals and dreams we set for ourselves. Hopefully the next few passages will shed some light on and inspire you to wake up and go get the life you’ve always dreamed of.

*Get a notebook and pen because these tips are worth remembering if you’re serious about succeeding*


Setting goals can be fun, but it can also be a waste of time if not done properly. Write down what you would ultimately like to achieve in the future under the title “Long-term goals” then, write down the steps needed to achieve them under the title, “Short-term goals”. It’s important to work on what’s important now – successful people hold the main goal in mind, while working on the steps needed to get there. Addison notes that these steps should become a priority, as one cannot walk without learning how to crawl first.

Get Out Of Bed Early & Actually Make Your Bed:

Getting out of bed and seizing the day is possibly the best thing you could do for yourself. Waking up early means more time to add to your day, which in turn means more time in your day to accomplish things. By making your bed first thing in the morning, you’ve automatically achieved something. It also helps curb the want to crawl back into bed and catch a few extra hours of sleep. Waking up two or three hours before your usual wake up time gives you that much needed extra hours to wake up properly, eat breakfast, exercise, meditate or do whatever you’d do after work or during your lunch break and free time. Addison also said that when discussing the habits of successful people, with successful people, he noticed that many of the CEO’s with whom he spoke to, actually wake up before sunrise in order to have much needed “me” time in the morning before heading to work and running huge companies.“When they do arrive at work they are more productive and achieve more than most.” He adds.

Discipline & Time Management:

Don’t let these two words discourage or scare you – they are, if mastered, the best tools one could possible cultivate.


By cultivating discipline we learn to say no to the unimportant stuff, the stuff that hinders and obscures our path to success. It’s not routine, but rather a healthy approach at getting what we want. Routine is the repeat of something on a daily basis where discipline is just the act of saying no, where no is needed. Without self-discipline we cannot experience true freedom, because lets be honest, there’s nothing worse than being out, having fun and then having that fun be ruined because you forgot to finish that report which is due first thing in the morning.


Have you ever heard the term, “Time is the rarest commodity in the universe?” If not, now you have. So many people spend their lives chasing everything but their dreams and others chase only their dreams and die before they achieve it. Others chase their dreams and miss out on life while doing so. No one really knows how much time they have on earth and with that knowledge we should all be racing towards our wildest dream as if the dream is the absolute final destination. If we learn how to manage our time correctly, we will notice that we have more time. Time doesn’t run away from us in a whirlwind of “so much to do, such little time” instead, it becomes worthwhile and memorable.

So to conclude, wake up, make your bed, eat breakfast, go to the gym, meditate or do whatever gets your blood pumping and your mind active and then, take on the day!

Set baby steps, work on your goal every day and never lose sight of the final destination.

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