10 tiny adventures to knock you out of your comfort zone


comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.

Leaving your comfort zone could be difficult, but it’s often good for you.

If you’re an adventurer who dreams of distant places and new friendships, you probably find it hard to deal with the everyday life. Yep, vacuuming the carpet, washing dishes, answering emails and other daily activities could be quite boring for someone who longs for adventure. Even if you travel every month, you will probably find yourself dragged by the monotony every once in a while.
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You think adventures are not your cup of tea? Why? Are you scared to get out of your comfort zone and try new things? Do you like to stick to the tried and true? Let me tell you something, once you go out of that enchanted place – your comfort zone, it will magically expand…WOW!

Either way, your life could end up quite exciting with some tiny adventures. You are younger today than you ever will be again, gift your older self with an amazing day to remember, by trying some of those awesome ideas:

1. Go camping in your backyard. If you don’t have the time for regular camping or you’re scared of bears, wolves and spiders (those meddling spiders…) and going in the woods looks to be too far from your comfort zone, you can pitch a tent in your yard. You live in an apartment? Do it on your balcony or in the living room, it still feels more different and more exciting than sleeping in your bed. Btw, don’t forget to invite a friend over, camping is much better when you’re with someone.
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2. Take a walk around town. Put on a pair of sweatpants (or whatever makes you feel comfortable), tie your sneakers and go out for a walk in a direction you’re not very familiar with. I’ve been living in the same city for years, but I always find little streets or tiny parks I’ve never ever seen before. Want to make it even more pleasant? Download an audio book to your smartphone/mp3 player, works wonders for me.

3. Go out in the rain. Since you were little you’ve been told not to go out in the rain, but you’ve missed all the fun. There is nothing more refreshing and liberating than summer rain. Splash in the puddles, catch raindrops with your tongue, dance, sing…get soaked!
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4. Get dirty. Sign up for a pottery class, do some gardening, paint with your hands and feet, put on old clothes and  get them as dirty as possible. Or just go and roll in the mud. Just look how happy those people look:

5. Catch a random bus. Go to the nearest bus stop and hop on the first bus that shows up. It’s really fun to ride for fun, look at the pedestrians from the window. You could also see many different passengers and maybe witness strange or funny conversations and situations.

6. Go out with someone you don’t know well. We all have those not-so-familiar Facebook “friends” or colleagues we’ve never talked much to. Send them a message or call them and if they’re the adventurous type or just want a change in their life, they will probably say “yes”. Just go somewhere together and get to know them. Everybody you will ever meet knows something you don’t 😉
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7. Go alone to an unfamiliar restaurant. Around dinner time just go outside and find a dining place you’ve never been to. Sit there by yourself and eat something you’ve never tried. If that isn’t stepping out of your comfort zone, I don’t know what is.

8. Attend local activities. Look for a book reading class nearby or visiting lecturers at the local university. There are hundreds of mobile apps that could help you with that. You get bonus points if you just drop in at a gathering or lecture on a subject you know nothing about.

9. Become an amateur photographer. Even if you don’t have a fancy camera, most mobile phones nowadays have decent photographic capabilities. Just go outside with a theme in mind: animals, flowers, cars, children, sports or whatever gets your attention. See how many shots of your thematic subject(s) you can find.

10. Be a tourist in your own town. Visit a museum, art gallery or any other tourist attractions nearby. Being a tourist in your own town could be more fun than you think.

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