Tim Scott Slams President Biden In Rebuttal Speech: “Race Is Not A Political Weapon To Settle Every Issue The Way One Side Wants”

Senator Tim Scott threw harsh criticisms at Joe Biden

as he delivered the Republican Party’s rebuttal speech to the speech last Wednesday that Biden gave just moments prior that was slammed by critics as extreme and divisive.

Scott opened by saying:

“We just heard President Biden’s first address to Congress. Our president seems like a good man. His speech was full of good words. But President Biden promised you a specific kind of leadership. He promised to unite a nation. To lower the temperature. To govern for all Americans, no matter how we voted. That was the pitch. You just heard it again. But our nation is starving for more than empty platitudes. We need policies and progress that bring us closer together.”

The senator also noted how during the first three months of Biden’s term, he and the Democrats “are pulling us further apart.”

He went on to talk about the tough background that he came from and how faith and conservative values were key for him to get his life in order, and how those things are now under threat.

“This past year, I’ve watched COVID attack every rung of the ladder that helped me up,” Scott said. “So many families have lost parents and grandparents too early. So many small businesses have gone under. Becoming a Christian transformed my life — but for months, too many churches were shut down. Most of all, I am saddened that millions of kids have lost a year of learning when they could not afford to lose a single day.”

“Locking vulnerable kids out of the classroom is locking adults out of their future,” he continued. “Our public schools should have reopened months ago. Other countries’ did. Private and religious schools did. Science has shown for months that schools are safe. But too often, powerful grown-ups set science aside. And kids like me were left behind. The clearest case for school choice in our lifetimes…”

The senator stressed how there was more bipartisan coronavirus work that happened under the leadership of former President Donald Trump.

He also took a stance against Biden’s divisive rhetoric and touched on a number of policy issues, including infrastructure, Biden’s “Family Plan,” and other dangerous proposals.

You can see Senator Tim Scott’s response to Biden’s recent address to the nation by clicking below.

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