TikTokers taunt vegan activists by eating KFC in front of them in Now-Viral Video

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: Two men mocked a vegan rally by eating KFC in front of the activists for a now-viral TikTok video.

Nick and Bill, who have over 85,000 fans on TikTok, were recorded standing next to each other as they ate their Zinger Boxes.

The text that came with the video read:

‘Eating a Zinger Box in front of vegan protesters’. 

The video started with a pro-vegan demonstrator calling one of the men a ‘moron and asking if he thinks what they’re doing is ‘funny’.

Then, TikToker Bill took out a piece of fried chicken and asked:

‘Mate, do you want a bite?’

To which the vegan replied:

‘I answered your question didn’t I? I said no.’

Bill said ‘better luck next time’ and kept on eating his chicken.

The activist then surprisingly said he was glad the TikTokers had crashed their event.

‘I actually really appreciate these guys being here, it’s creating a spectacle for others,’ he said.

Another activist agreed with his fellow vegan, before telling the TikTokers why she chose to be a strict plant-eater.

The two guys kept on eating their KFC as the woman went on to lecture them about veganism.

Bill and Nick captioned their video – which has now been seen millions of times – ‘not all superheroes have capes’, along with the hashtags ‘anti-vegan’ and ‘vegan teacher’.

The video sparked a debate about the topic, with many commenters agreeing with what the TikToker’s did.

‘They’re pushing their veganism on the public, so what’s wrong with what the boys are doing. Freedom people,’ one person wrote.

Another commented:

‘If they’re pushing their ideas on us, we can push our ideas on them.’

A third said:

‘Not all heroes wear capes, some hold Zinger Boxes’.

But others were of the mind that the TikToker’s were needlessly disrespectful.

‘This isn’t funny or cool, I’m not even vegan but it’s about respecting others,’ one person wrote.

Another commented:

‘I am not vegan and never will be but I will never disrespect someone just because we have different views about something.’

A third person wrote:

‘They’re not disrupting anyone and they were being polite why did you go out of your way to buy food and eat it in their face and film it that’s weird.’

Check out Bill and Nick’s video by clicking below.

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