TikToker shocked to find out she’s dating her COUSIN after he gives her DNA test for her birthday

A woman discovered that she was dating her COUSIN after her ex gave her a DNA test for her birthday. 

A young woman, who is known on TikTok by the username mattilathehun, recently revealed a chilling detail of her life. Challenging her viewers to “imagine a more ‘white person in Saskatchewan’ scenario,” she shares the story of how she discovered she was dating her cousin, as UNILAD reports.

In the first part of the TikTok confession, the woman explains:

“For my birthday last year, my ex got me one of those DNA test kits… I was mostly interested in the health information, to see if there was anything to watch out for.” 


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Meanwhile, her ex also got a test for himself, as they were on sale. But what they found out later petrified both of them. After the pair got the results a month later, they discovered they were related. The TikToker continues:

“So we got the results back a month later, and I was looking through the list of relatives, and I turned to my boyfriend, and I said ‘Hey this is pretty nifty, I’m related to someone who has the same name as you.’
And that’s how I found out I was dating my cousin.”

According to the DNA testing website the couple used, they are probably third cousins, which means they share the same great, great grandparents.

However, in a follow-up video, the woman says she believes they could be second cousins, as they shared a little too much DNA.

“I was able to do a bit of research into my biological father’s side of the family, and I found someone who had done a genealogical report back to the 1500s! Based on the info from that research as well as the percentage of DNA that my ex and I share, which was a bit too high to be third cousins, I’m fairly confident we are actually second cousins.”


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Although the couple stayed together a few months after they found out they were related, they recently broke up due to other issues the TikToker does not mention. However, she does hint that the fact that they are cousins has something to do with their separation.

What would you do if you discovered you were dating your cousin? Would you continue the relationship, or would you break up immediately after finding out? Leave a comment to let us know!

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