Woman explains why Iceland is the safest country in the world where you can even leave a baby outside

TikToker reveals why Iceland is thought to be one of the safest countries.

Did you know that Iceland is believed to be the most secure country in the whole world? Well, according to World Population Review, the Nordic nation is on top of the list of the 10 safest countries in the world… for the 13th year in a row!

With a relatively small population of just 340,000, Iceland’s crime rates are incredibly low, making it a safe place to even leave your baby outside for a nap.

TikToker, known on the video-sharing platform as Holly, has given a few solid reasons why Icelanders are lucky to live in the world’s most secure country.

Holly explains that one of the main factors for the country’s safety is its police.

The TikToker notes that officers in Iceland don’t carry firearms and are generally viewed as more approachable. As per Unilad, the likelihood of ever needing to use a firearm is dramatically less, as the homicide rate had never risen above 1.8 per 100,000 people in the last 20 years.


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According to Holly, the lack of crimes gives the people of Iceland a sense of security most residents of other countries can only dream about. She notes:

“Usually, there’s not more than one murder a year.”

Another factor the TikToker mentions is the affordable education in the country. Holly says:

“Every university and college degree costs less than one month’s rent. This means that more people can afford to get qualifications, so less crimes such as theft are committed.”

Interestingly, the TikToker adds that the country is “so safe that people often leave their babies outside to take naps.”

But that’s not all. Iceland is also known to have some of the strongest equality laws. As Holly mentions, “it is the most gender-equal country in the world.” 

After viewing the TikToker’s informative video, many users have expressed their wish to pack their bags and move to the Nordic nation. Contrarily, some noted that if everyone moves there, they will “ruin everything.”

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