TikToker Demonstrates Extreme Durability Of Durex Condoms In Series Of Tests

A man on TikTok has demonstrated how strong Durex condoms actually are…

In his clip, Tobias-Jay Brew (@tobyjay92) describes the ‘”thin feels” as “industrial” before he goes on to show people just how protective they actually are.

He notes how the Durex type he’s testing is described as being “thin” for “more sensitivity,” before he asks “but it’s better to be safe, right?”.

The TikToker then puts the condom on a cucumber and starts cutting it slowly before proceeding to hack at it.

The condom, however, remains intact.

Brew then blows it up like a balloon, stretches it, rubs it together, but there seems to be no effect.


Reposting my most viral 🤪 #tobyjay92

♬ original sound – Tobias-Jay Brew

He then puts it in water and tries to pop it, but again, no success. He concludes:

“Okay, so it turns out they are durable.”

In another clip, again he places one of the condoms on a cucumber before saying:

“These have to work.”

Brew then takes a saw and tries to cut the cucumber and the condom, but again to no avail.


Repost part 2 #tobyjay92

♬ original sound – Tobias-Jay Brew

Eventually, he tries using a stapler, and then a hammer and nail to try and break the condom, but once again fails. 

He then admits defeat and tells his followers:

“Always be safe guys.”

Since their posting, the videos have been seen by thousands of people around the web.

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