TikToker Argues That There’s No Such Thing As ‘White Pride’

A man on social media has argued that there is no such thing as white pride. 

Michael, who goes by the nickname Tizzyent on TikTok, responded to a question from someone who asked him,

‘Why can’t you be proud of being white?’

The term ‘White pride’ was originally coined by a neo-KuKlux Klan group called Stormfront.

Michael, who is a filmmaker and has over 1 million fans on TikTok, argued the following:

‘There is no such thing as White pride, in part because there is no White culture.

He added:

‘You can have pride based on your ethnicity, like Scottish, German, Irish. You can have regional pride, like Southern pride. These things usually apply to your cultural identity like how you grew up etc.’

‘And some people argue ‘well other colours have pride’, and no, they don’t. Chicano pride, Latino pride, Asian pride, those aren’t colours.’

Image: HoniSoit

In his opinion, however, Black pride exists:

‘That’s because they’ve had a unique experience no one else has. Black Americans were robbed of their culture. They don’t know where they come from. Two Black Americans meet, they could have come from warring African tribes, they don’t know,’ he said.

‘What they do know is that their American experience was similar. In other words, the thing that connects them is the colour of their skin and how society has treated them as a result,’ he added.


Why you can’t have White Pride… @justsock #racerelations #blackpride #blm #white #color #racism

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He went on to say:

‘You also have to consider where the terms White pride and Black pride originated; White pride was coined by White supremacists. Black pride is from the Black Power and Civil Rights Movement. One represents superiority and hate and the other a fight for equality,’ Michael concluded.

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