Throuple Say Haters Are Just ‘Jealous’ Of Their Sex Life

A ‘throuple’ is making headlines after opening up about their intimate life and say people who criticize them are driven by jealousy. 

Connecticut-based Daniella Masciola, 21, Priscilla Soares, 26, and Steven Bolden, 27, have been an item since last summer.

Steven and Priscilla had been in an open relationship for a number of years and Daniella came along in October 2019. The three met by chance at the shoe shop she worked at.

Daniella and Steven met again in May 2020 when they both started working at Amazon and felt extremely drawn to each other.

After Steven told Daniella about his open relationship with Priscilla, they started seeing each other.

Eventually, the two girls also met and that’s when they all decided to become a ‘throuple’.

And they’re all happy as ever with the unusual arrangement.

Steven and Priscilla live in the same place and Daniella spends most nights at their home.

A normal day for the trio involves breakfast together, walking the dog, and going to work.

At the end of each day, they watch TV or play a board game.

And in terms of sex, they say it’s probably not what most people would expect.

Steven said:

“We like to keep the focus on the bigger picture and the more important aspects of having a successful relationship, poly or otherwise.

“A big misconception about a throuple is that it’s a sexual free-for-all and that we are basically swingers, which is not what we are at all.

“Picture a traditional happy, healthy relationship – then multiply it by three and you have our relationship.

“Yes, there’s obviously more threesomes than the average person has but for the most part, it’s one-on-one.

“Threesomes every day would just be too much work!”

Even though their loved ones support their arrangement, they say not everyone feels the same way. 

Steven said:

“The hardest thing about our relationship is outside voices.

“Polygamy shouldn’t be this ‘taboo’ thing some people may see it as and we’ve received disgusting messages from people calling the girls ‘stupid, manipulated and lost’.

“Others tell me I’m ‘narcissistic, insecure or even a closet homosexual’.

“I think a lot of hate actually comes from jealousy.

“Many people are in unhappy relationships and are getting cheated on and lied to.

“People who criticise anything, especially things they don’t understand, probably just haven’t been around the block enough yet.”

Priscilla said:

“Love is not so black and white, so I think the love I have with Steven is different from the love I have with Dani, and both of those love connections are different from the connection we all have together.

“I couldn’t tell you exactly what ‘love’ is but I could tell you this is love and there are no rules to love.”

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