Those who hurt people to feel superior are the weakest: 6 ways to spot them

Toxic people have the weakest minds.

They feed off of the misery of others, and they feel the worst when they witness someone else’s happiness. While they may present themselves as independent, superficial, humble human beings, they are actually lost souls who are struggling with deep insecurities they are too afraid to face.

Here are 6 behaviors of toxic people who are weaker than you think:

1. They can’t be happy for others.

Toxic people often feel intimidated by seeing someone else succeed. That’s because for a moment there, they don’t enjoy all the attention they so desperately need. So, to cover up their own uncertainties, they usually try to belittle others’ accomplishments or completely ignore them.

2. They never let you in.

When someone is trying so hard to mask their self-doubts and vulnerabilities, they typically don’t allow others to see their true nature. They refuse to let others in and constantly maintain an emotional distance at all costs. While some people find it hard to open up, when it comes to toxic individuals, they are intentionally hiding details of their lives in order to protect themselves and to easily manipulate the ones around them.

3. They force you to change who you are.

Some people never accept you for who you are. They are always trying to make you be someone else, behave differently, and even look like someone you are not. Instead of appreciating your true colors, they make you feel bad about yourself.

4. They are disrespecting your boundaries.

Having boundaries is what makes relationships healthy. It gives you a sense of right and wrong in terms of interacting with another human being. Therefore, crossing someone’s boundaries is beyond disrespectful. Yet toxic people are continuously doing it without giving a damn about others’ feelings.

5. They don’t consider your feelings at all. 

You know someone is toxic when they do whatever they want, regardless of how their actions make others feel. These indecent individuals have zero sense of empathy, so they would do whatever they please, even if it leads to hurting people on the way. In other words, if they make you cry, they would blame you for being too sensitive instead of taking responsibility and apologize.

6. They bring out the worst in you.

If some particular people constantly make you feel on the verge of a mental breakdown, they are most probably toxic. What’s even worse, they are doing it deliberately. Suchlike petty beings find it entertaining to bring out the worst in others. This makes them feel better about themselves in some twisted way.

Are there any toxic people in your circle?

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