This public ordeal makes me sick. But the reason why they do this, hit me with the force of a cement bag.

Cosmetics company Lush wanted to set an example against animal testing and has therefore resorted amidst the City of London to drastic measures. When you see these pictures, all in one unit to falter and you want to scream in disgust.
What to the eyes of passers-by offered, could hardly be put into words: A young woman in flesh-colored body suit was bound and gagged, until it was delivered to her fate helpless.
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animal experimentation
Then you forcibly food was instilled until they overwhelmed the gag reflex and she could barely breathe. The 24-year-old Jacqueline Trade was leading lady this herzzerfetzenden representation of a still current practice in animal experiments.

But that’s not all: During the ordeal her mucous irritating chemicals have been instilled into the eyes. And the panic in the face of the young animal rights activist was not played, because we went with her to the limits of reasonableness. And furthermore …
As somber highlight the startling spectacle Jacqueline were shorn hair to the scalp.This part of the torture is unfortunately no longer science fiction. But still sad reality.
But the brave young woman had endure the whole ordeal without complaint about.Just as the animals have to suffer every day and millions of times.

Meanwhile, a considerable number of onlookers and interested observers had gathered in front of the window. Even members of the press were there and believed their eyes barely. Only gradually understood the people what it was about the animal rights activists.
The deeply impressive campaign of cosmetics company Lush, manage their products completely without animal testing should, like wildfire go around the world.
And it is with almost certainly also. If everybody plays their part. Even the innocent animals to love …
Unfortunately, animal experiments are even today still cruel practice. Share this post is therefore essential, because rethinking is long overdue!

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