This office chair lets you take a power-nap at your workplace

Think about the best office chair you could imagine. It has a nap-mode, doesn’t it?

Every person who works at an office has dreamed of taking a nap in the middle of the workday. Don’t try to deny it, you’ve dreamed about it too.

Now, there is an office chair that could help you get that power-nap you desperately need in the middle of the day.

Image credits: Odditymall

As most of us feel the negative effects of sleep deprivation every day, we try various ways to fight it. Usually, we drink countless cups of coffee, praying that the caffeine will actually work this time. But the truth is, all we need is a quality nap.

The sleep expert, Ph.D., Sara C. Mednick, claims that taking a 20-minute nap will help you boost your alertness, and increase your productivity. Mednick is also the author of the book “Take a Nap! Change Your Life”, where she explains the numerous benefits of the good old-fashioned nap.

In fact, a few corporations have realized the power of a short nap in the middle of the workday.

Besides, they even encourage their employees to recharge their brains when they need to. Such companies are NASA, Huffington Post, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, and Google.

What’s more, there is a Japanese retailer that invented the “Lay Flat Office Chair”. It looks just like a regular office chair, but it can convert into a perpendicular office bed, which can completely change your napping experience at work.

Image credits: Odditymall

The nap-chair is sold by Tanko, a Japanese company, so have in mind that you might need some Japanese speaking skills to purchase it. It is sold for ¥49,800 (approximately $600). However, there are a few options to get a similar office chair on Amazon, such as the Happybuy Executive Swivel Office Chair.

Overall, napping is extremely beneficial for your productivity, sharpness, and physical health.

If you want to get the most of your nap time, there are a few steps you could follow.

First, it’s important that your power-nap doesn’t last longer than 20 minutes. Besides, you should nap the same time every day, so your body gets used to the schedule. In case you want to fall asleep faster, you could bring a warm blanket with you, and make sure you’re not in a bright or noisy environment.

Furthermore, don’t take late naps because they might interrupt your nighttime sleep cycle. Another thing you should consider is whether you suffer from a sleep condition, as napping might aggravate it.

So don’t hesitate to take that dreamy power-nap in the middle of your workday. You deserve it!

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