This Is Why You Should Keep Your Dreams Private If You Want True Success

Many of us enjoy openly talking about our goals and dreams, but is that a wise thing to do?

What a lot of people don’t know is the more we share our plans with others the less likely we are to follow through on them. And while that might sound a little confusing, it does actually make logical sense. The more we reveal about our plans to the world, the less motivated some of us end up being to take real action.

Making plans and achieving progress toward our dreams gives us positive feelings of inner reward.

But in order for these emotions to remain in high supply until we get to where we want to be, the emotional reward has to be released in small increments. The truth is, when the brain is tricked into thinking that the goal was in some way achieved (e.g. by living it out loud in a conversation with our friends), it stops investing energy towards motivating us to take further action.

When we talk too much about our hopes and dreams, and other people acknowledge the incredible potential of such ambitions, we receive a huge dopamine reward all at once. The more admiration we feel coming our way from others, the more dopamine we get into our system in those moments, and the less likely we are to actually do the real work necessary to reach our desired destination.

Even more so, making light of our plans and hopes of success gives us a premature sense of false achievement.

Hence, our brain receives a signal to start focusing on other things. If the brain believes that a certain goal has been reached, it might mess with the brain circuits responsible for the further pursuit of this goal. And the same goes for when we prematurely announce our success, as it impedes the progress towards the true final outcome.

Also, all of us have a basic need for competence, which is the natural urge to be effective in what we do.

A lot of the things we do are motivated by hope for competence and fear of incompetence. This motivation pushes us to work on getting better at what we do, get rid of bad habits, and ultimately grow as people. What that shows us is that the more incompetent we feel, the more we feel a need to show off our competence goals in front of others. And as a result, the more compliments we get from people about our ambitions, the less likely we are to grow and ultimately achieve them. Surprisingly, the brain starts thinking that the future self we so much brag about is actually our current self.

We should keep in mind that some people want to see us fall and we are not always aware of who these people actually are.

These individuals will try all kinds of tricks and give us all sorts of “advice” in order to sabotage our goals. So be careful who you open up to when it comes to your goals and dreams.

If you need advice regarding your dreams, the best thing to do is to reach out to someone you fully trust, but avoid boasting about things you haven’t accomplished yet. Instead of trying to impress other people, first, prove your worth to yourself. Get to work and reach those goals. Then you can celebrate with a clear mind, DESERVINGLY!

As a bonus, we’ve selected a powerful video to get you in that special goal-chasing mood. Enjoy and never stop dreaming!

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