This guy saw a girl dancing on a rooftop and asked her out via drone. It worked!

This is a story of modern romance during a quarantine.

A Brookly photographer asked a girl living across the street on a date via drone and lots of creativity.

One day, the photographer Jeremy Cohen saw a cute girl across the street dancing on her rooftop. The mysterious woman was Tori Cignarella. She was freely dancing on the rooftop like no one was watching. Or at least that was what she thought.

Jeremy got impressed by Tori’s free spirit in these difficult times of self-isolation.

Luckily, he documented their whole romantic journey so the rest of the world could see it.

This is absolute proof that love has no limits, even during the quarantine.

The photographer immediately knew he had to meet the dancing girl, so he got an idea. He sent a drone over, writing his phone number on it. What an inventive way to start a relationship!

Fortunately, Tori texted him back and they started chatting. Jeremy couldn’t believe his idea worked. Yet, exchanging numbers wasn’t enough for the photographer in love. He wanted to actually take Tori out on a real date.

But how could he take the girl out, when they’re supposed to follow the stay-at-home restrictions? Well, he thought that through too. Apparently, Jeremy is quite a creative guy. He asked Tori out to dinner, but she had one very important question: “How?”

Jeremy had a whole plan figured out. He set up a table for one on his balcony, and he asked Tori’s roommate to set a similar table for her on their rooftop.

Through Facetime, Jeremy and Tori had a lovely first date, eating their microwaved meals together, while still being across the street from each other.

They began a thrilling long-distance relationship, despite the fact they live in the same neighborhood.

Their “Quarantine Cutie” story continues with even a sweeter romantic gesture from Jeremy. As he badly wanted to see Tori in person, he came up with another innovative plan. Can you guess his next step?

To meet his quarantined sweetheart, Jeremy blew up a human-sized plastic bubble, got in it, sealed it up, and walked across the street to her apartment to surprise her.

He also bought her flowers like a real gentleman. Unfortunately, there was no way he could give her the flowers but it didn’t really matter. After that, the new couple enjoyed a walk in the neighborhood.

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They even got stopped by the cops, but only because their story was already quite popular. The officers only wanted to take a picture with the unusual couple.

Thanks to Jeremy and Tori’s modern romance, now we have a lovely story to follow while we stay at home and wonder what to do. Let’s all hope that they will continue to be quarantine sweethearts even after the lockdown ends. Here’s their whole story Jeremy posted on Twitter.


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