This Filipino Man Makes Incredible Custom Vehicles For The Disabled

If you ever plan to visit the Arayat area in Pahpanga, Phillippines, then you may come across a strange, three-wheeled orange vehicle that looks sort of like a Campagna T-Rex.

And the best thing is, it is completely handmade by a local man named Rogelio Baldo, who crafts such hot-looking vehicles to make life a little bit easier for people with disabilities.

Rogelio formerly worked in Japan as a welder in shipyards, and when his contract ended, he had enough savings to set up his own shop back in the Philippines, just in case he would not be able to get a job overseas anymore.

Facebook | Rogelio Baldo

His deep interest in strange toys started when he was a young boy.

Eventually, he got to work on his own motorbike, which he modified to look like a Harley Davidson.

Facebook | Rogelio Baldo

Ever since, Rogelio started crafting his own custom vehicles, most of which are motorbikes with sidecars and little motor vehicles.

But his biggest pride are his custom vehicles for people with disabilities.

Facebook | Rogelio Baldo

He was able to construct sidecars that can accommodate wheelchairs, so disabled people can set out and enjoy motor rides with ease. 

Facebook | Rogelio Baldo

In addition, Rogelio created a 4-wheel vehicle in which a wheelchair-bound person can simply slide in thanks to a mechanical door at the back and access the steering wheel without any trouble.

He installs different kinds of motors in accordance with his customer’s needs.

Facebook | Rogelio Baldo

In his own opinion, his biggest achievement is the handmade version of the T-Rex, which he made for himself.

Rogelio started working on the vehicle right after he returned from Japan. He worked on it for a long time while using the original as an inspiration and then adding his own touches to it.

Facebook | Rogelio Baldo

The orange mini car draws attention wherever he goes and people simply cannot stop taking photos and videos of it.

If you wish to know more about Rogelio’s work, check out his Facebook page where he can also be contacted.

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