This couple turned an old school bus into a lovely house on wheels

People always say, “Home is where the heart is”. And it’s absolutely true! There’s nothing more comforting in this life than having a place to call your home. But what happens if you also dream about traveling the world with the love of your life? What if you wish to dive into the endless possibilities out there?

A couple found the perfect way to combine their mutual thirst for adventures and their craving for building a loving home.

They converted an old school bus into the mobile home of their dreams.

Their adventurous journey started in Florida, where the couple bought an old school bus. After lots of hard work, reinvention, remodeling, and of course, love, they turned the old vehicle into a beautiful house on wheels.

The couple admits the most difficult part was gutting the floor and getting rid of the chair rails.

Metal removal from the walls also wasn’t a piece of cake for the couple. They even needed to take a break from it and finished it when the walls were out.

But no matter how difficult it was at times, they didn’t give up because they were determined to create the home of their dreams.

Later on, new flooring had to be installed. “Shopping for floors is always fun,” they share in their Instagram account, where they posted their whole building expedition. It did take them a while to settle on the floors, but the result was totally worth it!

The whole recreation took the couple one and a half years. But every single day counted. They even considered making efficient mobile home energy by installing solar panels, which would save both energy and money. These two had everything figured out!

Furthermore, they started working on installing electricity. They share it was perhaps “the most challenging part of the build.” So, they had a friend over to help them with this difficult task.

When the old bus was slowly starting to look like a real house, the couple was happier than ever.

They didn’t care if it was midnight or dawn. Every minute they could spend on building their home, they would do so.

This is how working in progress looks like.

Next, they started building their dream little kitchen. Although it took a lot of time and the man wasn’t quite pleased while working on it, the finished product came out amazing!

After this, in front of the brick wall they put together piece by piece, they placed a little cozy-looking fireplace. Then, they build the sweetest tiny bathroom ever!

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Finished bathroom 🙂

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And while we’re on the subject of smart tiny house decisions, take a look at how the couple maximized their small space by incorporating the bedroom together with the laundry room.

In just a year and a half, this adventurous couple managed to build the home of their dreams out of an old school bus.

They now have everything someone could need in their house. They have a gorgeous kitchenette with a slide-out pantry, a tiny bathroom with a skoolie shower, a multifunctional bedroom, and even a cozy reading spot.

What’s more, they have the sweetest ginger cat to keep them company on their journey. Meet Mr. Beebles!

They were finally ready to take on and explore the world. The whole rebuilding and remodeling was an adventure of its own. And every struggle on the way, and every scar from all the hard work finally paid off. Now, the amazing views they see from their lovely little windows are more than priceless.

Have you ever dreamed of having a cozy tiny house on wheels and traveling the world? Share with us in the comment section!


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