8 subtle things women do that turn men on

Ever thought about what turns men on? Well, aside from the obvious, I mean. It turns out that there are plenty of more ‘subtle‘ things about a woman that excites the (interest of a) man.

While some may surprise you and some may not, here are the 8 things women do that highly attract men.

1. Making the first move

There is this typical (very old) understanding that it is the males that ‘have to’ approach the females first. However, there really are no rules when it comes to flirting. In fact, making the first move is one of those things that make quite the impression on men! Taking the lead with no fear is indeed a ‘hidden’ turn on because you put your self in the ‘power’ position. Men do enjoy feeling desired, so take advantage of it.

2. Eye contact

Having no issues with looking him straight in the eye while talking really displays your confidence. It is crazy how impressively effective that is…whether you just met the guy or have been dating him for a while now. Even for the most confident of you out there, this could seem like a tricky task sometimes. It’s not easy to stay in your ‘cool’ all the time, however keeping this in mind is VERY valuable. It really does go a long way in the seducing game..if you know what I mean.

3. Playing video games

Yes, you guessed it. Being even remotely interested in the world of video games, Playstation, FIFA you name it, is such an underrated quality that men actually go insane for. There is just something about you yelling at the screen, wanting to throw your controller at the monitor that gets men going. Having some sort of tomboy qualities or interests works like a dream it seems. So, even if you are not the biggest fan you should for sure give it a chance. You might like it in the end. Your significant other most definitely will.

4. Wearing Red

Ah, yes, red.

It is the color of boldness and character. Whether it be a red lipstick you’re wearing or a gorgeous nightdress, you can bet that your choice of color will not go unnoticed. Red always is code for sexy and you can do no wrong in this regard. This does not mean you should go full-blown Melisandre from ‘Game of Thrones’, but little subtleties here and there make the biggest of impacts.

5. The unexpected kiss

In connection to the point above, showing a playfulness to you will also intrigue the opposite sex. A sudden kiss whenever you feel the urge to is a winner in any book. A slow, passionate lip lock is what men’s dreams are made of. You know which ones (winky face). Hence, whenever you feel that certain type of playfulness, you should be more than encouraged to go with the flow and show him who’s boss! After all, as I said, taking the lead is one of those qualities men admire as not many tend to do that.

6. The gentle touch

It is not only women who crave touch and affection. Gentle acts of closeness and intimacy are of significance to men, as well. That is, to say the least! A quick touch on the shoulder, behind the neck or even hug in public or behind closed doors might be the reason the man in your life might go crazy thinking about you at night. Therefore, do not be afraid to show your gentle side.

7. Knowing a thing or two about cooking

“What’s cookin’, good lookin’?”

Holp up. This is not to say that you should become the stereotype of a housewife. By no means. Nonetheless, it is worthwhile to have a recipe or two up your sleeve. You know, just to impress when there’s an opportunity.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ they say, and it is so very true. For women, as well. I mean who doesn’t like an amazing meal?

Now onto the more affectionate side of things.

8. Get ‘texty’ with him

Texting sometimes can get tedious for all, especially if you have been with the person for quite some time now. So, a way to spice things up (no, I’m talking about sexting) is to again playfully make intimate and romantic plans.

Something like: ‘Let’s watch a marathon of Game of Thrones tonight. In bed. It’s questionable whether or not clothes will be necessary.’

Or… “Hey, I just got out of the shower. Thinking of you.”

You know, that kind of stuff. It’s always a good idea to send a cheeky message and provoke a little bit of exciting back and forth

Bottom line is: act freely, be confident and get a little playfulness going in your life. You’ll be what men’s dreams are made of and more.

Keep the excitement going.

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