Things People Who Are Happy Do All The Time

People who are truly happy do a lot of pretty normal-seeming, run-of-the-mill things pretty much on the daily, and these are the things that keep them truly happy.

Here’s 26 of them:

1. They remember to look around and be grateful they’re alive.

2. They tell others that they love them.

3. They make other people feel recognized, important and cherished.

4. They remember that human beings are complicated and that they won’t always see things from the same perspective as other people.

5. They try to say yes to anything that might be helpful, educational, wise, good, smart or otherwise add to their joy.

6. They remember #4, especially when dealing with people who are very much their opposite. They try to maintain an open mind or at least be polite and pleasant, especially when dealing with angry or rude people.

7. They know when to say “no” to things, and that it’s okay to do so.

8. They apologize when they mess up.

9. They get enough sleep. Maybe not a lot of sleep, but enough.

10. They keep a fresh perspective, remembering that tomorrow is a new day.

11. Whether it’s a big struggle in their lives or a minor inconvenience, they ask for help when they need it.

12. They always say “thank you”.

13. Crazy as this sounds, they take breaks from the Internet. Engaging directly with the world is important to them.

14. They look for happiness in little things, because little things add up. A cup of coffee, a sunny day, a child’s smile all hold joy for them.

15. They ask questions about things that interest them.

16. They relax actively, choosing activities -whether a nap, reading a book, etc.- which will refuel them according to their specific needs at that moment.

17. They focus on their breath, the sensation of it moving in and out of the body, for a few moments throughout the day.

18. They feel what they need to feel. They don’t bury their emotions.

19. They meditate.

20. They remember that wanting something doesn’t mean being entitled to having it.

21. They make a conscious effort to listen in conversations.

22. They perform small, simple acts of kindness like paying for the person behind them in line. And they don’t tell anybody.

23. They take a moment to take in beautiful sights with their eyes before whipping out their cameras.

24. They read.

25. They let anger from little things -traffic, the news, politics- wash over them for a moment, and then they let it go.

26. They compliment people, even strangers, with their sole motivation just being nice.

How many of these do you do on the regular?

Tell us about it in comments!

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