9 things only a Straightforward Person would relate to

Straightforward people are often mistaken for being rude and insensitive, while they’re only being honest.

That’s probably because not many people can handle the truth and usually get offended by it. But in reality, keeping it simple and being completely authentic with everyone, is a personality trait we should all cherish. In today’s complex society, we need people who see the truth and are not afraid to embrace it.

If you have such a forthright personality, you would definitely find this relatable.

Here are a few things only a straightforward person would understand.

1. You are honest in a humorous way.

If you are a straightforward person, you would know that many people are not emotionally strong enough to handle the truth. That’s why you have found a way to keep being honest with them, but in a funny way, so they don’t get insulted. To tell the truth, you often use sarcasm or irony. This way, you are still being genuine, but you’re not actually hurting anyone’s feelings.

2. You know that talking things through is key.

This is perhaps one of the best things about you. You don’t hesitate to say it out loud when something’s bothering you. That’s the best way to stay away from drama and to keep things simple. If you want answers, you ask questions. Besides, you perfectly understand that propper, candid communication is crucial and much more valuable than sugarcoating the truth. Pretending everything is okay and moving on while there’s still some unfinished business just doesn’t work for you.

3. You have a hard shell.

As honesty takes a great part of your personality, you’ve grown a thick skin through the years. You are strong enough to face your truths and work on the things you need to improve. So, when people are being brutally honest with you, instead of getting frustrated, you accept the criticism and actually do something about it.

4. You realize that life is too short.

Yes, this is a huge cliché, but life really is short. And you are intelligent enough to understand this. Moreover, you are a person who knows that the only way is forward, and it requires understanding the essence of the reality you live in. That’s why you don’t waste time twisting the truth to make it more appealing. You just say exactly what you mean, and that’s truly admirable.

5. You know that sometimes the truth can e harmful.

You do realize that the truth sucks to hear sometimes. But not because it’s offensive. The truth sucks because not many people can admit their flaws. However, this doesn’t mean you should be silent, especially when you feel in your heart there’s something wrong going on. That’s why in such cases, you state what’s on your mind with clarity, regardless of who’s going to be offended by it.

6. You are not afraid to speak in the heat of the moment.

Another great thing about you is that you strike while the iron is still hot. Even if your bluntness may get you in trouble, you always stay true to yourself. You say exactly what you think in the heat of the moment, and you’re not afraid to face the consequences.

7. You would never live in denial.

As a straightforward person, you proudly wear your heart on your sleeve. You believe that living in denial would be much more complex and emotionally exhausting than just accepting your truths and embracing them. Working on improving yourself would be way more liberating and noble than supporting lies and sugarcoating the truths you cannot handle.

8. You know that anything is possible…

… as long as you work hard enough to achieve it. Instead of wasting time daydreaming, you just make things happen. You realize that if you truly want to accomplish something, you need to take some action. And you do take all the steps necessary to reach your goals. What’s more, you know exactly what you want from your life, and you go for it at any cost.

9. You are honest in your relationships too.

You absolutely acknowledge that honesty plays a tremendous role in any relationship. Therefore, you are not afraid to be forthright with your partner when something is troubling your mind. That’s because you know that healthy love requires authenticity. And you expect your significant other to treat you the same.

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