10 things only introverts will understand

The term “introvert” stands for a person who prefers to spend his time alone.

Introverts are often mistaken to be shy or even rude, but they just don’t like to be around people. Socializing makes them feel drained especially if it doesn’t serve any meaningful purpose. In other words, to be an introvert simply means that you enjoy your own company more than any other’s.

What is it like to be an introvert? Can you tell if a person is introverted or just impolite?

There are certain quirks that only introverts have which separates them from other people.

Here are the 10 most significant ones.

1. Avoiding social events

As a matter of fact, avoiding any events with more than 3-4 people. Introverts prefer to have only a few good friends rather than socializing in large groups. They are not masters of the small talk and sometimes even going to the grocery store could be extremely hard for them.

2. Punctuality is not their thing

This habit has a lot to do with their lack of social skills. Many introverts tend to arrive late at social gatherings or leave early in order to avoid the hustle and bustle. When they reach their limit of “people” energy they are most likely to just go home and have some quiet time.

3. Struggling to express their thoughts

Introverts often struggle with knowing exactly what to say. Due to their specific mindset, they are prone to overthinking which sometimes gets them tongue-tied. However, they will surely think of the best responses they could, but only after the moment has passed. Overall, they prefer to write their thoughts rather than speak them, because it is easier to form your opinion without the pressure of having to respond immediately.

4. Being the center of attention scares them

Social anxiety also means not being able to talk in front of people. Introverts perform poorly when it comes to be the center of attention. This type of experience makes them feel quite uncomfortable and vulnerable. For them, this feels too overwhelming and emotionally tiring.

5. Having contradictory moods

One day they might be chatty and excited, then almost invisible the next one. Nobody is a 100% introvert, so they also have moments of socializing. Despite that, most of the time you wouldn’t even notice their presence in the room.

6. Their bedroom is their safe space

Since introverts are feeling worn out by social situations, they need a safe space where they can relax and recharge. This safe space needs to be their own, which is why their bedrooms are perfect for this purpose. There they can truly be themselves and cut out all of the external factors that are bothering them. They feel secure in their rooms because they are surrounded by the things they really love and already have some kind of emotional attachment to.

7. Appearing shy when meeting new people

Their quietness often makes introverts seem shy at first. When somebody is quiet people are most likely to assume that he has a lack of confidence or he may be hiding something. The truth is that introverted people simply don’t feel comfortable sharing personal information. Until they get to know the person they are talking to really well, they firstly observe his behavior and consider whether he is worth knowing them or not. This may appear a bit sophisticated as well, but that is just the way they are.

8. Doing everything on their own

Introverts hate asking for help. They would rather spend ten hours figuring out how to fix the air conditioner, than calling someone who would do it for minutes. In fact, they struggle with asking any questions at all. They are afraid they would seem stupid or incapable of doing anything. Usually, the thing that’s holding them back is again their social anxiety.

9. Hoping their plans get canceled

When their friends call off the dinner reservation they had, introverts feel like a dream of theirs came true. Yes, they did agree to go in the first place, but they were secretly hoping that their plans would fail. They truly appreciate their friends but instead of meeting them in person they would rather message them or give them a quick call. This is another result of their discomfort doing social activities.

10. Diving deep in their relationships

When it comes to relationships, introverts tend to establish deep and meaningful connections. They are having a hard time sharing their feelings which is why if you are in a relationship with an introvert, you were the chosen one. Perhaps they saw in you a trustworthy and genuine person with whom they are ready to share their world. They would love to have worthwhile conversations about the big questions in life. What is more, they would make sure they are a significant part of your life and will listen to your deepest thoughts and concerns.

So, do you know an introvert?

Or maybe you are one? Despite often being misunderstood by others, to be an introvert means that you are a highly sensitive, caring and intelligent person. You don’t need the approval of others to be happy. You are perfectly fine by yourself and that’s awesome!

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