10 things night owls will totally relate to

Is going to bed at the latest hours of the night part of your personality? Do you recognize yourself as a creature of the night?

If your answers are positive, then you are definitely a night owl!

In fact, being a night owl is proven to be something genetically transmitted, just like the color of your eyes for example. So, if mornings are not your favorite time of the day, you can blame your ancestors for that.

Here are some truths you’ll absolutely relate to if you’re a night owl.

1. You’re not a breakfast fan.

Perhaps you’re more of a brunch person. Instead of waking up early for having a nutrient breakfast, you prefer that extra hour for elongating your bedtime. Your first meal of the day is often way past morning hours. Well, you may have a quick cup of coffee before going to work, but for its energizing values rather than its nutritious ones.

2. You’re familiar with the joy of late-night reading.

It is a peaceful summer evening, and you can hear the beetles buzzing with the most calming sounds. You grab your favorite book, you turn on the reading lamp, and you sit comfortably in your armchair. This incredibly intimate picture should definitely speak to you if you’re a late riser.

3. You have a little extra time to get your work done.

Maybe procrastination is a trait of yours, but being more energetic throughout the night helps you catch up with all of your deadlines. As a late riser, you are more productive during the night, which allows you to leave the early work for later. Your biological clock somehow stimulates your tendency to delay whatever it is you have to do til the last moment possible.

4. Snoozing is your superpower.

Five more minutes, please. Unfortunately, being a night owl means you’re probably constantly feeling sleep-deprived. And when your alarm clock starts annoyingly buzz in the morning, the snooze button becomes your best friend. What’s more, you might be even setting your alarm earlier than needed, so you can have a snooze or two more, just to enjoy the extra nap time to the fullest.

5. You enjoy the quietness at night.

In case you’re the only night owl in your family, you definitely appreciate the peaceful nights at home. It’s the time when you can focus on your projects, or just binge-watch your favorite show without anyone interrupting you. Besides, since it’s your only opportunity to spend some time alone, you can concentrate on self-care and mindfulness, which are crucial for your mental health.

6. The night is when you get the most creative.

In the nighttime, not only you become more productive, but you also embrace your creativity. Whether it’s going to be a work venture, an art project, or writing your best piece, it’s the late hours when you get the most inventive. Moreover, when you stay up late, you have more time to be creative and emphasize your artistic side.

7. There is a little rebel living inside of you.

Remember when you were little, and your parents made you go to bed early? Remember how much you hated that? Now that you’re all grown up and mature, you can finally be the one in charge of your bedtime. So, staying up late surely feels like a tiny act of rebellion. Your younger self is certainly proud of you.

8. You get the chance to observe the nighttime wonderland.

The nighttime can be incredibly fascinating, and nobody knows this better than you. As a night owl, you have plenty of time to observe moon rising over the clouds, to gaze at the stars, or to enjoy the peace of mind the silence brings you. This whole picture is like a little magical wonderland you have only for yourself.

9. Late-night snacking is an essential part of your routine.

Usually, dinnertime is socially accepted to be around 6-7 p.m. For someone used to staying up into the small hours, this is too early for the last meal of the day. That’s why late-night snacking is nothing new to you. Whether it’s going to be an apple or another portion of the delicious pasta you made for dinner, you need a snack before you actually go to bed, even if it’s already 3 a.m., and you have to wake up in about four hours.

10. Your watching list becomes unpredictable.

Staying up late is often associated with watching weird shows on Netflix or bizarre YouTube videos. Your watching history becomes quite diverse. You may start by checking out a tutorial for a program you use at work, but ten videos later you’re sitting there watching a crazy Russian guy testing a new cake-cutting tool. The odd gems always pop in the latest hours.

Did you find any of these points relatable?

If not, what’s your experience with night owls?

We would love to hear from you in the comment section.

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