3 Things You Can Never Expect from a Narcissist

We all know someone we’d classify as selfish. Thinking about themselves, not very concerned regarding the needs of those around them, and entirely too vain. Narcissism, on the other hand, takes this kind of selfish attitude a step further into the extreme.

The American Psychiatric Association classifies narcissistic personality disorder as, “characterized by extreme vanity, arrogance, and self-absorption.”

Not only does a narcissist truly believe that they are better than everyone else, but they believe they need to be treated that way as well. For example, when you’re telling a story within a group of friends, a narcissist might take that story and make it his or her own in order to be the center of the discussion. They don’t care what you have to say on the subject, they believe it won’t be nearly as good as what they come up with.

If you know you have a narcissist in your life, be prepared to be disappointed, time and time again. Here are three things you can never expect from a narcissist.

1. An Admission of Guilt

A narcissist thinks he or she is perfect. That’s it. No more discussion on the topic. This means that when they do something wrong, which is almost constantly, you’ll never be able to retrieve an admission of guilt.

An admission of guilt shows humility, and it shows the need to seek forgiveness from someone you respect enough to ask for it. A narcissist doesn’t see anyone else as their equal; they don’t respect anyone nearly as much as they respect themselves. Guilt, forgiveness, admissions in general, won’t be part of the equation.

2. Gratitude

Narcissists are essentially incapable of feeling gratitude. They won’t remember or believe that anything you’ve done for them deserves gratitude at all, but they will remember, in perfect detail, everything they’ve done for you.

While they don’t show gratitude, they expect it from the people around them to the fullest extent. Even if what they’ve done for you is incredibly meaningless and small, they want you to be thankful as if no one’s done anything better. You can move mountains for a narcissist, but they won’t notice.

3. Empathy

In order to feel empathetic towards another individual or living thing, you have to be able to step outside the plane of your own existence, and view the world from that other being’s perspective. A narcissist has absolutely no chance of comprehending anything outside themselves, especially feelings.

Feeling something for somebody else means doing something without expecting an exchange or anything in return. A narcissist only does something if they know it benefits them in some form or another.

Even if you experience empathy from a narcissist, it will only be to attract attention.

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