Things That Are Meant To Be Will Find Their Way To You

What’s Meant Will Come

I am a fighter, don’t just live with things. Don’t believe in fate but believe in God and that he could help me. I don’t search for perfection but try to make things perfect for me. I can not accept situations when things don’t fall perfectly into place. If I can’t go against whatever doesn’t sit right with me, I could get angry.

But of all these battles that I fight how many do I win? How often do I find what I am looking for? How many times do I make things go in the right direction?

And how many of these times have I failed?

 I’ve understood, during these years that what’s meant to be yours will be. What’s supposed to happen, will happen sooner or later. What’s true will be true and you won’t have to fight to prove it.

Unfortunately, life is not a journey we could plan. Sometimes things happen just the way we expect them to, other times nothing is working out. No matter what we do. We might have a partner, a loved one, a husband or wife in whom we truly believe. And all of a sudden this person could turn out somebody different. The same goes if we pursue a career. We hoped and worked hard for it, but finally, we have no success. That’s just how life goes. We rise, we fall and then we rise again.

Sadly, we don’t have all the answers to the question in life. We couldn’t know what’s going to happen next. What the shortest way is. What our real purpose is. Can’t possibly know what’s true, or valuable, or for us. And keep it.

We just need to have faith — in us, in the universe. We shouldn’t ever stop believing. On the contrary, we always should remember that what’s meant to be, will come to us. Even if that doesn’t happen at the moment we expect it to.

What’s supposed to be ours will come and what’s not will inevitably go. One love will fade away but another will be born. Friendships will end because the people once close to us had drifted apart. Jobs will change, new plans for the future will be made. Life is like a flow, it’s always moving forward and we move with it as well. Staying stuck at the moment is impossible.

And when our world is falling apart, at first we might feel terrified. We could be full of anger and doubts. Could lose faith. Might feel angry at God— but we shouldn’t. Usually, when things leave from our lives better things come at their place. Sometimes our prayers are not honoured because we deserve something even better.

We shouldn’t forget that what is meant might take time. It could require patience. But if it’s really for us, it will find a way. Sooner or later.

We shouldn’t panic. Shouldn’t think too much or spend our time agonizing, thinking why all those things are happening. We just need to let go and wait.

Because all this isn’t true.

Things that leave us shouldn’t make us suffer. On the contrary, we should be happy and impatient about the better things that’ll substitute them. We should believe in God’s support, and even if we feel like we’re helpless and unheard, he’s here for us. Always.

We have to know what we’re worth, and yet, always strive to be a person deserving of those blessings. We have to keep pushing on, keep believing that good things will come, keep putting light and positive energy into a world that tries so hard to suck us dry.

Sometimes answers won’t be clear to us, but that doesn’t mean we won’t find them out. We should remember that life won’t follow our timeline, but that doesn’t mean we are not on the right path.

What is for us will be ours — the friends, the career, the success, the hobbies, the love — it will all come to us when God’s timing’s right. When it’s meant to happen. When we are ready to receive it and to take advantage of the blessings.

We shouldn’t fight. Neither be in a hurry. We shouldn’t stress or panic. What we should do is have faith and wait. And allow what’s meant for us to find it’s way.

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