Their Mother Died Of Covid-19 After Beating Cancer. They Had To Say Goodbye Via Walkie-Talkie.

As people keep on practicing social-distancing due to the coronavirus crisis, one family in Washington had to spend their last hours with their dying mother standing outside of a hospital room, using a walkie-talkie to tell her how much they love her.

Sundee Rutter, a 42-year-old cancer survivor, and mother of six children passed away due to coronavirus two weeks after showing symptoms of the disease that has been weighing down on her home state.

On March 16, her kids, along with her mother and sister, came together in front of her room at the hospital to say their goodbyes, as per BuzzFeed.

As everyone took turns to talk through the walkie-talkie, the speaker was placed on a pillow next to Sundee as she was lying in her bed.

“I told her I love her … she shouldn’t worry about the kids,” Ross-Rutter, one of Sundee’s children told BuzzFeed.

The Rutter family. Image credit: GoFundMe

On March third, Sundee went to the hospital due to having fever, difficulties with breathing, and other COVID-19 symptoms, as per ABC affiliate, KOMO. However, she was quickly sent back home. Four days later, Sundee went back and her family was told she would be treated for her pneumonia.

One day after, she reportedly tested positive for coronavirus.

Ross-Rutter told BuzzFeed that at first he was allowed to visit his mother only if he wore a protective mask, but things got worse when Sundee was put in isolation. 

“Like, I’m about to lose my best friend and she can’t even hear me,” Ross-Rutter said.

The Rutter family. Image credit: GoFundMe

Ross-Rutter recalled that “for a while, she was able to text,” adding that she later started to reply only with emojis as her condition got worse.

On March 16 Sundee’s family was called in and she passed away that same afternoon.

With great sadness, Ross-Rutter added that Sundee “was a supermom, you know?”

Sundee’s immune system had become extremely weak due to the cancer treatments her body had to endure.

“When I got the news of her, I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is not something to play with, this is serious,’ and now my outlook is different,” friend Jessica Harris revealed to KOMO.

“She was a wonderful person, and there’s not many like her out there anymore,” she added. “Great friend, great mother, great wife, she was a wonderful person … We’re pretty devastated. She beat cancer and lost the battle to coronavirus? It’s just crazy.”

Sundee Rutter. Image credit: GoFundMe

Three of Sundee’s kids are in school or middle school while the others are in college, as per the family’s GoFundMe page.

Due to their father having passed some years ago, the children have now been left without parents.

Important information regarding the coronavirus:

The first symptoms of the coronavirus usually begin with coughing and sneezing, just like a regular cold. However, as the disease keeps on working inside the body, symptoms become more like the flu, and those infected may go through heavy fever, fatigue and body pains.

As per the CDC, because the elderly are at a higher risk of experiencing the worst symptoms of COVID-19, they have been advised to stay home and avoid crowds to minimize their risk of getting exposed to the threat.

Since January 30, there have been around 163,417 cases and 3,055 losses of life attributed to COVID-19 in the US, as per the New York Times.

The Rutter family has now raised more than $286,825 on their GoFundMe page, thanks to generous people worldwide. 

“Please help support this family to get some housing set up and for whatever else the family may need in the coming months,” the description reads. “They are a proud family but they touched so many people’s lives that I know many want to help in any way they can.”

What are your thoughts on this tragic story? Let us know by joining the conversation in the comments and please share this article to spread awareness on the seriousness of the silent killer that we are all currently fighting against. 

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