The Touching Story Of A Fish Seller Who Sent Her Son To Medical School Despite Her Low Earnings

A mother is always willing to make sacrifices for her child.

And this is why a poor fish seller did everything she could to get her child the best education possible.

The lonely mom was able to send her son to medical school despite her low income.

Nanita Ronquillo, 55, works as a fish seller in the Phillippines and doesn’t miss a day at the market. Even though she doesn’t earn much, she still managed to help her boy, John Nico, get one step closer to his dream. Nanita worked hard from dusk till dawn so she could afford to send her son to medical school.

Image credit: YouTube/GMA Public Affairs

Nina has been living a hard life.

She separated from her husband after finding he had been unfaithful and even had another family behind her back.

Image credit: YouTube/GMA Public Affairs

But despite all this, she never abandoned Nico, who dreams of becoming a doctor. However, in order for him to get the life he wants, Nanita had to work extra hours just to earn enough to pay for his tuition fees.

Image credit: YouTube/GMA Public Affairs

Usually, Nanita leaves home at 5 in the morning to sell fish at the local market.

She would work as late as six in the evening in order to earn enough to pay for her son’s education. But despite all her efforts, there were times Nico had to leave school just because they could not save enough cash.

Image credit: YouTube/GMA Public Affairs

Thankfully, the loving mother’s hard work paid off in the end. Nico graduated from medical school even though it took him six years to complete a four-year-course. Nanita is definite proof that hard work and determination will eventually help you achieve your goals.

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