The Right One Won’t Mind Your Imperfections, Weirdness, And Overthinking

The person who is fated to be by your side for the rest of your life won’t mind your imperfections.

Your soulmate, your twin flame, your one true love, they would not be bothered by your flaws.

The one who will accept the true you and fall in love with your wild side and craziness. They will find your funny little quirks cute and your thoughts and opinions will not be something they would want to change. Furthermore, your differences will make you so much more interesting to each other.

Your soulmate won’t mind the overthinking nature of your mind.

They will help you deal with your worst insecurities and calm down your anxiety. They will not be judgemental. Quite the opposite, they will be aware of the reason why you always overthink matters. They will know that you do that, in part, because you strongly care for them.

The right one will not think of abandoning the relationship when you two have an argument.

They won’t be afraid to see you face to face and honestly talk about any kind of problems you two might be having. They won’t judge you for your little breakdowns and they will not leave you to deal with moments of weakness on your own. They will stand by your side, hold you tight, and assure you that the best is yet to come.

Your soulmate will not judge your weirdness and quirkiness.

They will have fun with your unique and peculiar traits. They will even compliment you for them. And they are going to make you cry of laughter and will make sure you feel at ease with yourself without having the need to wear a mask in front of them.

The right one will not fear the intensity of your love and they will not feel overwhelmed by all the attention they receive from you.

They will enjoy your little acts of love and they will adore you for spoiling them and making them feel like they’re the most special person on earth. They won’t ever betray your love, because they will dream of spending the rest of their days next to you.

But the most important thing is, your soulmate will never hurt you intentionally.

They will never lie to you or abandon you. They will take care of your mind and body the way they take care of their own.

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