Mortifying moment football fan snubs girlfriend’s kiss is broadcast on national TV

This is the story behind a viral kiss that made headlines around the world.

A couple that recently started dating became famous thanks to a kiss cam at the Wake Forest-Duke game last weekend when the ESPN broadcast showed the man appearing to deny the woman a loving kiss.

In a recent update the couple revealed the surprising details behind the now-viral video:

“I was just playing with her, like when you go for a kiss and then you don’t actually kiss because it’s funny,” the man said. “And that happened to be the one part that was on national TV… We’re cool, she’s not like mad.”

Meanwhile, in a Tik Tok clip, the woman explained that the “rejection” was actually an “inside joke” for them.

“Whenever we kiss each other it’s like a joke between us where one of us will swerve so that we don’t actually kiss, so that’s what was kind of going on there,” she said, adding that her father was watching live. “We didn’t know we were being recorded so me getting rejected was caught live on national television… I was a little embarrassed but now it’s kind of funny.”

The man took to Redditt to expand on the story:

“Basically, I’ve been talking to this girl for a while and we just started dating about a week ago. I tell her she should come to the Wake game since we are undefeated and will probably win. She says yes. We go with a group of friends, and we are having a great time. Throughout the game we are flirting, hugging, kissing a little bit, etc,” he wrote. “So, we do our little inside joke thing, and unbeknownst to us, we are being recorded. After the game, I find I’m on the wake forest old row Instagram page, and within the hour I’m on the official old row page. Then, I’m on TikTok, Twitter, and apparently Reddit too.”


#stitch with @oldrowofficial #storytime #wakeforest this is the last time I enjoy a football game🧍🏻‍♀️@hhhhggggllll

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He went on to say that the situation is unlikely to have a follow-up.

“It was also her first (maybe last?) college football game,” he wrote.

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