The President Is Asking NASA To Volunteer At The Border Due To The Ongoing Surge In Migrant Children

The US president has asked NASA if they would be willing to volunteer to work at the border and help out with the current migrant crisis involving unaccompanied children.

NASA employees received an email from the White House, saying:

“This opportunity provides a continuum of care for children, including placements in foster care, shelter, and residential care providers that provide temporary housing and to assist with caring for and placing children without legal immigration status who have entered the country at the southern border without a parent or legal guardian.”

Ken Klippenstein of The Intercept recently shared a screenshot of the emails and it looks similar to emails sent to other agencies’ federal employees from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Volunteers are being asked to deploy to the Southwest border to care for the detained minors and or to act as interpreters if possible.

The deal includes free travel, housing, and per diem expenses.

The request comes as the new administration is having a hard time dealing with the surge of migrants at the border.

In February alone Customs and Border Protection encountered over 100,000 migrants, and at the moment there are more than 5000 migrants in their custody as well as more than 11,000 in HHS custody.

Due to the struggles the CBP is currently facing, Joe Biden has come up with the idea of NASA using facilities to house some of the migrants as well. 

Biden’s critics have blamed him for the current problems at the border, saying that it was a bad decision to end Trump’s border policies. Biden has also been blamed for luring migrants to the country with his easy pathway to legal citizenship talk.

Meanwhile, the new administration is blaming Trump for these issues.

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