The ‘CORRECT’ way to hang the toilet paper roll, according to the original patent

We finally have the answer to the existential question: “Which is the right way to hang toilet paper roll?” 

Do you hang your toilet paper roll with the paper over the top? If you do, then you are doing it right!

As Daily Mail reports, according to the original patent, hanging the toilet paper roll with the paper under the top “increases bacteria risk.”

In fact, we have had this answer for more than a century, ever since the toilet paper roll was invented in 1883. Seth Wheeler, the inventor of the toilet roll, created a patent that explains the correct way to hang toilet paper on the holder, and, like it or not, it is on the top.

Interestingly, a study conducted for the London-based design company Bathroom Origins reveals that half of the UK residents get irritated when they see the toilet paper underneath. According to the research, 45 to 52-year-olds were significantly annoyed if the roll isn’t placed on the holder the way they would expect.

Shockingly, another study carried in 2011 by experts at the University of Colorado detected 19 different types of bacteria living in bathrooms, including on toilet paper rolls and nearby walls.

As per the specialists, when the roll is on the back of the bar so the paper hangs under, there is a higher risk of interacting with the surrounding bacteria by touching the wall.

Sofia Charalambous, the co-founder at Bathroom Origins, comments:

“If you are unfortunate enough to go to the toilet after someone who has Covid-19 and the toilet roll is under, not over, you are increasing your chances of coming into contact with the virus. There is also a reason why toilet roll bars that have flaps on have the flaps going over, not under.”

Which way do you prefer to hang your toilet paper rolls? Do you agree with the experts? Let us know in the comment section!

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