The Best Thing You’ll See Today: Viral Video Of Father’s Heartwarming Reaction To Baby’s First Steps

A proud father has shared his happiness at the sight of his son making his first steps. 

Chris from Florida shared a TikTok video in which he experiences the uncontrollable pride of his son taking his first steps earlier this month, although with the child having been a little out of sight for him, he almost could have missed it entirely.

In the footage, Chris talked about his living room camera capturing the moment his little boy pushed himself off the side of the sofa and started toddling across the room. At first, Chris did not realize that his son had actually started to walk, but eventually, he noticed the special moment.

Chris and his wife Image: TiKTok

In addition to his son’s first steps, the video also shows the joyful father’s priceless reaction to witnessing the beautiful moment, leaving him breathless before starting to show his full excitement.

And when the baby sat back down on the floor, Chris started applauding and smiling at his precious baby. 


He WALKED it out!! 😎👶🏻

♬ original sound – 🍒

When another person came into the room, Chris stood his son up once again and started jumping around joyfully as the child made another few steps forward before dropping down again.

The video has been shared far and wide and received more than 18 million views so far, with people on TikTok expressing their own joy and amazement at the sight.

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