The 27-year-old baby girl: Child conceived in 1992 makes history as the longest-frozen embryo to be born

A baby girl just set a new record by being born from a 27-year-old frozen embryo.

On October 26, Tennessee couple Tina and Benjamin Gibson, were blessed with a daughter they named Molly in what became a historic event that happened 27 years after the embryo was frozen back in 1992.

The birth of Tina’s second child, who now holds the record for the longest-frozen embryo to ever have been born, according to University of Tennessee Preston Medical Library researchers, started with an embryo transfer to Tina’s body on 12 February.

The miracle took place at the National Embryo Donation Center (NEDC), which helps couples have children through in-vitro fertilization.

But the incredible achievement is not the first for the Gibson’s, as their first daughter Emma previously held the record after she was born in 2017 from a 24-year-old frozen embryo.

The two girls, who were chosen from a number of donor profiles, were frozen together as embryos on the same day and are, in fact, true siblings.

Of the latest record, NEDC’s laboratory director and embryologist, Carol Sommerfelt, said the event reflects positively on the technology used at the time of the embryo freezing. 

“When Tina and Ben returned for their sibling transfer, I was thrilled that the remaining two embryos from the donor that resulted in Emma Wren’s birth survived the thaw and developed into two very good quality embryos for their transfer,” she said.

“This definitely reflects on the technology used all those years ago and its ability to preserve the embryos for future use under an indefinite time frame.”

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