Texas Man Allegedly Wore Blackface And Fake Beard To Kill His Ex Amid Custody Dispute

A man from Texas is facing charges for killing the mother of his 1-year-old baby.

The incident took place last week, with the suspect being taken into custody Monday. 

It is believed that 33-year-old Andrew Charles Beard was also wearing blackface in order to hide his true identity.

He was arrested Monday morning in connection to the killing of 24-year-old Alyssa Burkett. Beard gave himself up to authorities after learning of the warrant for his arrest.

He is being charged with murder for shooting and stabbing Burkett as she arrived at her workplace. 

Authorities say the two were involved in a heated custody battle over their baby. On September 30, Burkett was given custody.

Police believe Beard may have stalked Burkett as a tracker was found on her car as well as on her new boyfriend’s car. Similar devices were found in Beard’s home.

If the evidence is to be taken into account, this was a thought out plan, with Beard purchasing an old Ford from Craigslist, and dumping it after the crime. It was found 1 mile away from his home, with traces of dried blood and dark hair in it.

As per the affidavit, Beard attempted to mask himself before the crime, wearing a dark foundation and a fake beard. 

This may have partially worked as two witnesses told the cops that a black man killed Burkett.

More evidence was discovered in a search at Beard’s house, with a number of items found in trash bags covered in bleach, as well as two bottles of dark brown liquid foundation.

After his arrest, Beard’s bond was set at $1 million.

The victim’s family is devastated, saying:

“She had a million-dollar-smile and a heart of gold.”

Previously, Burkett had set up a fundraiser to cover her legal fees, explaining how afraid she was. 

Now, her family is asking for money to cover the funeral.

Beard is currently out on bond while the baby is in protective custody with Child Protective Services.

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