Tesla CEO Musk Sets Internet On Fire With His Rap Song About Harambe

Saturday, March 30th was a memorable day in the history of rap music. How come, you may ask. Did Tupac Shakur or Biggie come out of the grave? No. But even if they had, the industry would somehow have digested it.

A new hip-hop star was born last on Soundcloud Saturday… Ladies and gentlemen, meet Elon Musk, the rapper!

His first and so far only song R.I.P. Harambe! Has been played over one and a half million times on the platform.

As Vox’s Aja Romano aptly observes: “… if there’s anything 2019 really needed, it was Elon Musk rapping aggressively autotuned lyrics like, “We back in the zoo, thinkin’ about you,” and, “Where my gorillas at?”

Romano goes on to suggest that the eccentric billionaire must have been smoking his favorite “strong hay” when he recorded his grossly auto-tuned and generally uncool piece.

This opinion is apparently shared by most of the users who dropped comments under Musk’s vocal effort on Youtube, where R.I.P. Harambe has so far got 43,174 views and 764 likes.


In a publication from Apri 1st, The Guardian reminds that Harambe was a 17-year-old male western lowland gorilla that lived at Cincinnati Zoo.

Harambe got in the limelight in 2016, when a three-year-old boy crept into his enclosure and the keepers had to put him down. Harambe’s undeserved death unleashed a wave of social outrage that resulted in the creation of his original meme – one of the most powerful Internet images to date.

In a tweet following the release of the song, Musk jokingly regrets that his record label has failed. For the time being, however, his Emo G. Records exists only on Soundcloud and in the thousands of news headlines that it has made!

According to the mighty RollingStone Magazine the combination of a Twitter joke, a years-old meme and Auto-Tune may just be Musk’s way to mark this year’s April Fools’ Day.

Those who know him, however, have already started suspecting that his autotuned outburst on Soundcloud may soon grow into a profitable and powerful label.

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