Tesco Employee Delivers Food To 99-Year-Old Man Left With No Food Due To Panic-Shopping

United Kingdom: A Tesco supermarket employee came to help out a 99-year-old war veteran who had trouble buying the things on his shopping list except for a comb after panic-shoppers emptied the shelves.

In a Facebook post that has since gone viral, 32-year-old Dan Scott from Essex explained how he came to arrange a nightly shopping for Norman after he was left without food supplies in the midst of the coronavirus madness.

The area manager was left in tears when he saw that the old man had to leave the shop with an empty basket and Dan suggested to deliver what he needs to his house.

In his Facebook post that received more than 35,000 shares, Dan said:

‘Yesterday I met a man called Norman, he asked for some help with his shopping list. Sadly in these times I couldn’t get Norman anything off his list but a comb. I was devastated.

So I wrote down my number and asked him to call me with his list tomorrow, I will get it for him early and take it to him. Norman, being very humble, said he’d try again tomorrow and when I asked how he was getting home, he laughed and said he was driving.

HE’S 99 YEARS OLD!!! I was truly overcome with emotion when he left me and I thought, “how can this man not get any food?” He’s got a daughter but you can imagine her age. So I asked someone in Tesco to do me a shop overnight so that I could collect first thing.’

Yesterday I met a man called Norman, he asked for some help with his shopping list. Sadly in these times I couldn’t get…

Posted by Dan Scott on Friday, March 20, 2020

Dan says watching Norman leave the shop empty-handed broke his heart and asked his neighbors if they could spare to help those in need.

He went on saying:

‘Again, I was overwhelmed with the generosity of people we managed to get a huge hamper of food. Me and my colleague Carole surprised Norman with everything on his list and a lot more!

He was so grateful and said, “I’ll live like a king til I’m 100 now.” Please can people share this, so we get a message out there that people buying all these products and clearing the shelves is seriously stopping people like Norman from even eating.

‘All he wanted was bread, eggs, Marmite and some beans. It’s disgusting!!! He also told me today he had more food in the war…… think about that for a second.’

Dan concluded his post with a message to all the panic-shoppers out there.

‘I feel so happy today knowing Norman has food tonight, but how many more Normans are there right now because of the most selfish, disgusting people in this world!! Stay safe everyone, and look around you, people really need your help.’

Photos of empty shelves have been posted on social media as fearful citizens across Britain stock up on essentials.

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Posted by World War 3 News on Friday, March 13, 2020

Dan revealed that Norman is a regular at the supermarket who is normally assisted by employees when he does his shopping each Thursday.

‘The store was very busy on Thursday when he came in so I said for him to get a cuppa in the cafe and I’ll go off and do his list.

I couldn’t get him everything because the store was so busy the shelves were cleared. I cried. It was so emotional. I told him he shouldn’t be leaving the house so I gave him my number and told him to call me with what he needs.

He rang that afternoon and needed paracetamol so I delivered that to his house in my car and met him on the doorstep.’

But Dan didn’t just stop there.

‘My heart was breaking for him that he was 99 years old and couldn’t get any food. Hence I did a shop for him and asked my neighbours to help.

It felt amazing to deliver it to him on Friday, I appreciate some have said I should have left the shopping on his doorstep for distance however he wouldn’t have been able to get it in the house without me and now he doesn’t have to leave as he has enough food.

I’ve already called him Sunday to check how he was and he’s doing fab. Living like a king until he’s 100 years old.’

He said he is happy the story went viral as he wanted to help raise awareness about the problems panic-shopping can cause.

Dan also praised his hardworking co-workers:

‘Everyone in Tesco is doing a fab job trying to help, including me coming from head office to support.

By clearing the shelves, it’s stopping people like Norman getting food and ultimately forcing them out everyday to try and try again to get basic food. It’s truly the least I could do for him.’

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