Terrifed Mother-of-Three Found Out Intruder Had Been Living in House Attic For Weeks

A mother-of-three found out an intruder was living in her house right under her nose. 

  • A young mother discovered there was a stranger living in her house attic. 
  • The intruder had left many signs, but the mom-of-three admits she didn’t pay enough attention in time. 
  • Despite changing all the locks in her home, the woman is still terrified that her mystery roommate might return. 

Monica Green, from Queensland, Australia, is now terrified sleeping in her own home after finding out she and her children had a mystery roommate for no one knows how long. The mother-of-three had noticed something was going on in the house for a while, but she never thought it could be an intruder’s presence.

Green had no idea there might be a stranger living with her family until last Monday, as Oddity Central reveals. After coming home with her children from a doctor’s appointment, the mother was shocked to find the backdoor wide open. Moreover, the TV and the air-conditioning were working, and there was a portion of chicken nuggets in the kitchen.

As soon as Green scanned her home with her eyes, she called the police. But she was definitely not ready to find out the truth that a stranger has been living in her own house.

In an interview with Courier-Mail, the mom-of-three said:

“I felt violated. I felt like my personal space had been invaded. I felt shocked, terrified, scared.”

When the police investigated the house, they discovered that someone had been living in the attic. However, they couldn’t say for how long Green and her children were having a roommate they had no idea about. She added:

“I’m finding myself constantly shaking at the smallest noise. I’m triple-checking all my locks now before I go to bed. I spent the night in the house last night with family here, but being alone in the home scares me.”

The woman admits there were plenty of signs that something was not right. 

For instance, once she found out that some of the food had gone missing. What’s more, there was one occasion where she noticed her security camera system had been disabled. However, Green didn’t pay attention to these inconveniences at the time.

The family suspects that the intruder had stolen Monica’s keys to access her home and move in. Although they have changed every single lock in the house, the young mother is still petrified that the unknown guest might break in again. She said:

“Why was he in the roof? What was his intentions? Was he here to harm us? Was he here to steal one of my kids? I’m meant to be the one that protects them and I feel like I’ve failed.”

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