Ten homeschooled siblings who all started college before the age of 13 say everyone can do it

Homeschooled siblings started college before the age of 13, but they “aren’t geniuses,” their parents say. 

Credits: Monalisa Harding / SWNS

High school sweethearts Monalisa and Kip Harding, both 53, from San Jose, California, are the proud parents of ten incredible children. What’s extraordinary about their kids is that each one of them started college before reaching 13, thanks to the homeschooling methods of their parents.

Hannah, Monalisa and Kip’s oldest daughter, earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Auburn University, Montgomery, in 2004. She was only 17 at the time.

As for Thunder, their youngest child, who is now 11, he recently passed his entrance exams to college, joining Lorennah, 13, who is already in her second year.

Credits: Monalisa Harding / SWNS

Meanwhile, their siblings who have already graduated have gone to become doctors, architects, spacecraft designers, and lawyers. Maiannah, 16, who is the most recent graduate in the family, is currently applying to do her master’s in horticulture in January.

What’s more, their brother Seth 20, became Alabama’s youngest lawyer at the age of 19.

Credits: Monalisa Harding / SWNS

However, Monalisa insists her children “aren’t geniuses.”

According to their mother, their outstanding achievements are the result of homeschooling, which is more “efficient” than going to school.

Credits: Monalisa Harding / SWNS

Speaking to Daily Mail, Monalisa said:

“The nature of homeschooling is so efficient – anyone can do it. It’s just about parents dedicating the time to get it done and prioritizing their children’s education above all else.

We’re not a wealthy family. We had to make sacrifices so that I had the time to teach each of them individually. They all worked and continue to work extremely hard, which is why they’re breaking new ground every day – I couldn’t be more proud of them.”

Credits: Monalisa Harding / SWNS

In 2014, the Hardings released a book titled “The Brainy Bunch,” disclosing their successful homeschooling methods that continue to contribute to their children’s educational path. In the meantime, Monalisa and Kip, who used to be in the military before working in government, offer private consultations for families who want to follow in their footsteps.

The proud mom commented:

“We put our hearts and souls into our children, and knowing people admire that and want to do the same is a really great feeling. It’s important to find that balance between not putting too much pressure on your kids and making sure they’re reaching their full potential.

We just have Thunder and Lorennah to get through college now, and then we can finally think about making some time for ourselves. It’s been a hell of a journey but we wouldn’t change it for the world!”

Credits: Monalisa Harding / SWNS

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