Teens Start Disgusting “George Floyd Challenge”

Pictures showing teens kneeling on the necks of their friends have started making rounds on the web.

The pictures are part of something called the “George Floyd Challenge,” which has infuriated many people around the world.

A number of teens can be seen smiling in pictures as they kneel on their friends’ necks.

Naturally, this has lead to a backlash from the public, with many people on Twitter expressing their disapproval. 

One Twitter user said:

“As if what’s going isn’t sad enough, people are really making this a form of humor and entertainment. If anyone knows these people I highly recommend blurting out because “George Floyd challenge is absolutely disgusting!”

Another wrote:

“There is a George Floyd Challenge now?”

A third said:

“I am DISGUSTED!!!!! A George Floyd Challenge?!?!! Are you kidding me?! THIS IS WHY WE ARE ANGRY!!! THIS IS WHY WE PROTEST!!! THESE PEOPLE THINK IT’S A DAMN GAME!!”

Meanwhile, some people are on the lookout for people taking part in the challenge.

One person wrote:

“Are you brave enough to do the George Floyd challenge? post your pics?””

Another one wrote:

“There is no George Floyd Challenge! He’s dead! This makes me sick and sad. These kids will grow up to be even worse! It’s not funny, it’s not a joke or a trendy thing to do! Little baby racists grow up to be big ones!”

In her post, Twitter user Ann Green wrote:

“So I learned from my cousin this is not just some misguided kids. but this a community of people who are making a mockery of Mr. George Floyd’s murder. Help make them famous, since they are seeking attention. It will not be long before they are identified and exposed.”

You can see some of the photos below.

Image source: Twitter
Image source: Twitter
Image source: Twitter
Image source: Snapchat
Image source: Twitter
Image source: Twitter

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