Teenage Pilot Selflessly Flies Medical Supplies To Struggling Hospitals During Coronavirus Crisis

A 16-year-old boy is putting his knowledge of piloting to work in order to transport medical equipment to rural hospitals in desperate need.

TJ Kim delivers various protective equipment including masks, gowns, gloves to struggling hospitals during his flying lessons, according to The Associated Press.

Kim made his very first delivery on March 27 to a small hospital with 25 beds in Luray, where he was surprised by the positive reception of his efforts.

“They kind of conveyed to me that they were really forgotten about. Everyone was wanting to send donations to big city hospitals,” he told AP.

“Every hospital is hurting for supplies, but it’s the rural hospitals that really feel forgotten.”

As per the report, the Maryland sophomore was a dedicated lacrosse fan and was strongly disappointed when the closing of schools meant his lacrosse season had no other option but to end early.

Kim thought of an ingenious solution to stay active and help his community during the pandemic with the help of his family members from McLean, Virginia.

The teenager and his family named their mission Operation Supplies Over Skies or SOS for short.

During his latest flight, Kim delivered 3000 gloves, 1000 head-covers, 500 shoe covers, 50 masks, 20 pairs of protective eyewear and 10 bottles of concentrated hand sanitizer to a Woodstock hospital.

“After I landed, all I could think about was going back up,” Kim said.

The young boy’s flight coach, Dave Powell, was overexcited to learn of his student’s idea, especially after he was so disappointed by the lacrosse shutdown. 

“For TJ to be more concerned with the needs of others in his melancholy state just reiterated to me how amazing this young man is,”  the instructor said.

Kim’s dream is to one day enroll into the Naval Academy and become a professional pilot.

You can see WFXR’s report on the story in the video below.

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