Teen Rescued After Getting Stuck In Her Own Chimney

A teenager got locked out and climbed down her chimney only to get stuck on her way back in. 

The Henderson Fire Department in Nevada responded to a call on Tuesday morning after a neighbor reported that the 18-year-old girl, who has not been named, was stuck in the chimney of her house.

Upon arrival, the rescue team found out that she had locked herself out of the house.

The Henderson Fire Department made a social media post saying the girl tried to get back inside by sliding down her chimney shoot but ‘got stuck just above the flue.’

The rescuers used a rope system to extract the teen and she was freed unharmed after nearly 30 minutes.

The fire department shared the news of the successful rescue on their Facebook page writing:

“Henderson firefighters are trained for confined space rescue.”

Even though people on social media were happy that the girl is safe and sound, they couldn’t help themselves and made her the but of their jokes. 

Some wondered why she didn’t simply call a locksmith instead of going through all this trouble.

One person wrote:

“I would rather take the punishment for being locked out than the embarrassment of that situation!”

Another said:

“The future of America. Lol doomed.”

A third added:

“Ummmm…. Thats what locksmiths are for.”

Some people even compared her to Santa…

One commenter joked:

“I guess trying to see if it’s possible for Santa to do it?”

Another poked::

“The neighbor now known across many blocks as mrs. claus.”

And a third chimed in by saying:

“Anyone gonna tell her about Santa or do you think she’s coming to her own conclusions?”

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