Teen Lamborghini driver, 17, kills woman, 32, after crashing into her car while driving at ‘120mph’

Teen Lamborghini driver, 17, killed a 32-year-old woman while allegedly driving at 120mph. 

  • A 17-year-old driver allegedly driving at 120mph crashed in a 32-year-old woman’s car in California.
  • The woman died at the scene, while the teen reportedly suffered minor injuries.
  • Since no arrests have been made, the victim’s family is now seeking justice.
Credits: GoFundMe

Last Wednesday, in California, a teenage driver smashed his Lamborghini at Monique Munoz’s car while allegedly driving at the extreme speed of 120mph. The devastating incident occurred on Olympic Boulevard and Overland Avenue.

As per Daily Mail, the 32-year-old receptionist died at the scene. The young driver reportedly suffered minor head injuries.

According to police, no arrests have been made after the car accident as of Saturday. However, the officials confirmed that the high speed was definitely a factor in the crash.

The victim’s family is now seeking justice for her tragic death.

Isaac Cardona, Monique’s stepfather, told CBS:

“The child had a heart of gold, never hurt anybody, did everything right. Kids racing down the street in a Lamborghini, 17 years old in a Lamborghini doing 120 miles per hour, hits and kills her. Senseless. I want him prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

Credits: KCAL

When police arrived at the scene, Munoz’s lifeless body was trapped in her wrecked silver Lexus. At the time, her family was unaware that she was a victim of a car accident, so they were trying to reach her on her phone. Her stepfather told ABC7:

“An officer answered her phone because we were calling and calling, wondering where she was at because she should have been home.”

Over the weekend, Monique’s friends and family held a vigil at the place where she lost her life. 

Credits: KCAL

A GoFundMe page on behalf of Carol Cardona, the victim’s mother, was set up to help the family cover funeral expenses. The fundraiser’s organizer writes:

“May God bless our beautiful girl and keep her in the comfort of Your arms.

Monique’s mother, Carol Cardona, and her entire family would like to thank each of you for your generosity. From prayers to donations, your kindness is such a bright light in this dark time.”

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