Teen who killed his own grandma got advice on how to get rid of her body from a social media chat room

A Jacksonville, Florida teen who murdered his own grandmother will soon find out how much time he will have to spend behind bars.

17-year-old Logan Mott, pleaded guilty to killing his grandmother and trying to cover it up.

The boy’s father, Eric, was called forth on the first day of his sentencing hearing.

Officials say Logan Mott stabbed and shot Kristina French while she was laying in bed and then buried her body in the backyard two years ago.

The prosecution presented the video of his arrest near the Canadian border, where the boy was heard talking with border patrol personnel.

Prosecutor Joseph Licandro also showed pictures of French’s wounds.

It was revealed that Mott was active in what is being described as an online communist chat room. Chatroom members even advised Mott on how to get rid of a body efficiently.

Mott’s father was the last witness of the day and at one point described how kind his mother was and how he could not think of a reason Mott would want to harm her.

French’s uncle was also present in court. He read a letter out loud that he and his wife wrote.

They said French moved to Florida some years ago because she did not want to “miss Logan growing up.”

In this day in age shielding children from the dark side of the internet is a crucially important responsibility of every parent. See the video below to learn more about the subject. 

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