Teen Has Twins From Two Different Dads In Extremely Rare Case

A woman in Minerios, Portugal has given birth to twins from two different fathers. 

The 19-year-old mom, whose identity is being kept secret, brought two baby boys into the world recently.

The teen said she was in shock when the DNA test of the man she thought to be the twins’ father came back as positive for only one of the children.

She revealed to reporters that she had previously slept with two men in one day.

“I remembered that I had had sex with another man and called him to take the test, which was positive,” the mom said.

“I was surprised by the results. I didn’t know this could happen and the babies are very similar.”

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This is believed to be the 20th case of heteroparental superfecundation recorded thus far. 

However, even though the children have different dads, reportedly only one of them will be registered on their birth certificates.

The mother went on to say:

“He takes care of both of them, helps me a lot and gives them all the necessary support that they need.”

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Dr Tulio Jorge Franco, an expert in this field, shared some insights into how something so unusual can occur.

In an interview with G1, he said:

“It is possible to happen when two eggs from the same mother are fertilized by different men.

“The babies share the mother’s genetic material, but they grow in different placentas.

“It’s extremely rare. It happens one in a million. I never imagined that I would see a case like this in my life.”

Dr Franco added:

“The pregnancy was super smooth, without any complications. The boys were born healthy and never had health problems.”

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