Teen Girl Who Got Hit By A Train And Survived Tells Incredible Story

The world had presumed a teen girl from Nebraska dead after she was hit by a train, but she made it out alive and has now shared her story online. 

News from September of 2020 revealed that a 17-year-old girl was struck by a train after being blinded by the sun while sitting in her car. The collision was reported to have been so strong that it ejected the car’s engine, the Buffalo County Sheriff’s Office stated.

Most of the reports said the girl had died as a consequence, but this turns out not to have been the case. She survived and has now shared the true story about the events.

Sydney Conner (@stdraecon) recently shared a revelatory video on TikTok, saying:

“I’m the girl that got hit by a train in Nebraska and no I’m not dead,’ her bio reads.

I was on my way to school and it was about 7.45am. The sun was super-bright for some reason this morning, even my friends told me it was tough driving to school. The sun was coming from the east, which would have been my right, which is the same direction the train came [from],” she explaied.

“I take this route every day for school. I always cross these tracks, so it was nothing new. These tracks do not have crossing arms or flashing lights or anything like that, it’s just a stop sign. The best way I can describe not being able to see the train coming was like trying to catch a ball in the sun, like how you can lose it up in the sun for a second and then it’s right there.

I looked both ways and I thought it was clear, so I pulled out onto the tracks and then the last thing I remember is seeing the train to my right and it was about to hit me.”

She then proceeds to show images from the train tracks and her vehicle in the wake of the crash.

After managing to get out of the wreck, Sydney was seen walking down the track while talking on the phone with her mother. She later fainted near a stop sign, and that is where emergency services found her.

“The ambulance was called and I was rushed to the hospital. I woke up in the ER but I don’t remember much of it. They put me in the ICU overnight to watch for internal bleeding,” she said.


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Medics told Sydney she had suffered a partial vertebrae fracture. And while she recovered for the most part, she still has some bruises and cuts on her body. She is also still unaware of why the press reported that she had died that night.

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